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creating the garage you really need

Let Garage Envy Work for You

Stop wishing for an over-the-top celebrity garage and create the work space you really need for your car collection.

Tips for Transporting Your Classic Car to the Next Show

If you’re not going to drive your classic to the next show, will you use a trailer or a transport service? We can help you decide.

Winter storage tips

The Facts About Winter Storage of Classic Cars

With a little preparation, you can make sure your classic car spends the cold winter months safely tucked away, waiting for spring and its next car show.

Restore or Modify – The Ultimate Collector Car Debate

Do you restore your classic car to its original condition or introduce modern components like seat belts and AC? Where do you stand in this ongoing debate?

2015 Ford GT National Rally

2017 Ford GT Preview at the Ford GT National Rally 10

The 2015 Ford GT National Rally 10 took place on August 25-29 in Dearborn, Michigan to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this incredible supercar. Ford GT collectors anxiously await the new 2017 Ford GT.

VW Emissions scandal sends ripples through car industry

VW Emissions Scandal Sends Ripples Through Car Industry

VW admits to cheating on emission tests for diesel cars. What does the scandal mean and how does it affect collectors everywhere?

Drab, Dull Trim? Bring it Back to Life with Plastic Restorer

No amount of waxing and polishing can make graying trim look good. A good plastic restorer will rejuvenate your car’s trim and bring it back to life.

the right decision use a classic car index

Make the Right Buying Decision – Use a Classic Car Index

Ready to buy that classic car? Do your homework! A classic car index will help you make the right buying decision.

Want a Perfect Finish and No Scratches? Try a Polishing Compound

Scratches on your finish getting you down? Taking care of paint imperfections is easy with a polishing compound. Let us show you how.

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