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We Can Insure Your Acura NSX

Acura NSX owners are an adventurous breed. This high-caliber sports supercar is designed with the cockpit of an F-16 fighter jet in mind and the newer models incorporate space-age materials for the first time in automotive production history. These machines are scientific marvels that take driving to the outer limits, making you feel like you’re piloting your very own spacecraft on Earth.

“The low, forward, cockpit is exhilarating . . . like riding in the head of an arrow.”

The state-of-the-art sportscar the world would eventually know as the Acura NSX is originally designed in 1984 using the codename “Honda Pininfarina eXperimental.” The development team is led by chief designer Masahito Nakano and executive chief engineer Shigeru Uehara with a very specific goal: To match or exceed the performance of the Ferrari 328 -which runs on a V8 engine at the time- without sacrificing reliability and cost efficiency in the process. The chief engineer also chose to study the F-16 fighter jet for inspiration and draws from its 360-degree visibility cockpit, aerodynamic exterior and long-tail/cab-forward design elements. In order to top the Ferrari 328’s performance without exceeding cost, the team opts for a 3.0 liter VTEC V6 engine.

“It’s so precise in its responses . . . as if it were hard-wired into my cerebellum.”

Motorsports ingenuity influences the creation of the NSX as well and Honda leans heavily into its motorsports division for help. Famed Brazilian Formula One World Champion Aryton Senna convinces the design team to stiffen the chassis after on-track testing at Suzuka Race Circuit, in addition to other suspension and handling testing. Japanese Formula One driver Satoru Nakajima also helps with on-track chassis tuning at Suzuka. 

“It’s exotic and rare . . . but it doesn’t have to prove it by beating me up.”

The production model is launched as NS-X, which stands for “New Sportscar Unknown” (X is the mathematical symbol for an unknown variable). The NS-X is the world’s first mass-produced car with an all-aluminum body. It makes its first appearance in 1989 at the Chicago Auto Show and later at the Tokyo Motor Show -when the name is cemented as the Acura NSX for the United States release and the Honda NSX worldwide. Production on the Gen-One NSX runs from 1989 to 2005 and more than 18,000 cars sell in those 15 years.

“A breakthrough sports car . . . now in its fourth year and still at the cutting edge.”

Over those years, the NSX receives rave reviews, like the ones you read here from Car and Driver’s 1994 homage. With the Gen-One NSX line out of production, though, it is time for a replacement. Though it is teased for almost half a decade prior, it isn’t until 2012 that Honda officially unveils the second generation NSX concept car at the North American International Auto Show. In 2015, they introduce a prototype production model that doesn’t officially hit the market until 2016. This time, NSX is rebranded, transforming the acronym to represent “New Sports eXperience.”  

American Muscle Car in An Italian Exotic Car’s Body

While the Gen-One NSX is designed and built in Japan, Gen-Two is engineered in Marysville, Ohio under a team led by chief engineer Ted Claus – who designs a hybrid. One 3.5 liter V6 engine is stationed behind the cockpit for the rear wheels, in addition to three electric motors to build an all-wheel-drive system. Lead designer Michelle Christensen calls it “an American muscle car in an Italian exotic car’s body.” 

Customized Policies to Fit Your Needs

When you own a scientific marvel like an Acura NSX, you want to protect it. At Classic Auto Insurance, we get that and can help you find the perfect coverage. We offer customizable policies that are not just a one size fits all. Our Acura NSX insurance plans are tailored to each individual customer and vehicle to fit your needs.

Agreed Value Not Stated Value

At Classic Auto Insurance, we offer you Agreed Value coverage on your Acura NSX. Unlike other car insurance companies who want to tell you what your car is worth, we will work with you to determine the real value of your car and write a policy based on that price. In the event your Acura NSX is totaled in a covered loss, you will receive the exact agreed-upon value on your policy minus your deductible.

Flexible Plans and Rollover Miles

Choose from one of our three mileage plans -1,000, 3,000 or 6,000 miles- to tailor your Acura NSX insurance policy to your needs. Say for example your plan to drive in Shift during Artomobilia Weekend never comes together. No problem – Classic Auto Insurance offers rollover miles from one year’s policy to the next. We understand plans change and we don’t feel you should lose miles just because you didn’t use them. Pay for insurance that makes sense.

Classic Auto Insurance – Affordable Rates for Your Peace of Mind

In addition to Agreed Value, our “Inflation Guard” provides an automatic increase in vehicle coverage every quarter, throughout the policy term, so you don’t have to worry your Acura NSX may be underinsured. This is just another way we offer peace of mind to Classic Auto customers.

Acura NSX Roadside Assistance – Call Anytime

Your NSX is built to keep you flying, so sitting, broken down on the side of the road is probably not what you have in mind. No need to worry – your Classic Auto Insurance policy includes nationwide Acura NSX roadside assistance with guaranteed flatbed towing. We are just a phone call away.

Track Day Insurance

If you want to drive your Acura NSX on a race track, we can protect you and your car with an OpenTrack policy, the first and only on-demand daily on-track insurance solution designed for high-valued cars, supercars and exotics.

Classic Auto – The Perfect Coverage for Less

Personal service is what we at Classic Auto Insurance pride ourselves in. We love out-of-this-world supercars like the Acura NSX. We also know how much time and effort goes into caring for them. That is why we assist our customers in finding the perfect policy for their individual needs. 

Get a free instant Acura NSX insurance quote online or give us a call today at 888-901-1338 and see how we can help safeguard your Acura NSX. When you drive one of the world’s most tech-savvy, ultra-luxurious sports cars, the last thing on your mind is insurance. Let us take the worry out of finding the right policy so you can get back in the cockpit of your NSX.

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