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We Can Insure Your McLaren Supercar

Is that powerful blur that just flashes past you on the roadway a McLaren? If you own one of these impressive speedsters, you know that blur, and you want to make sure it is protected with specialty insurance like the kind we provide at Classic Auto Insurance.

McLaren Group is globally renowned for designing some of the world’s greatest supercars. After Bruce McLaren wins his first grand prix at the age of 22, he and his company, McLaren Racing, not only pioneer and innovate impressive feats of Formula 1 technology, he and his racing team go on to win 20 World Championships, including motorsport’s Triple Crown: the F1 title, Indianapolis 500 and Le Mans. From 1967 to 1971, McLaren cars win 37 of 43 races.

Racing Innovation for Everyone

After the NASCAR series switches to electronic engine control units (ECUs), McLaren is ready with specialized technology. Every single NASCAR team is powered by McLaren and the company supplies ECUs to every IndyCar and F1 team – changing the course of autosports. McLaren data management software can even be found in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

McLarens Have A Racer’s Heart

McLaren Automotive is inspired by Bruce McLaren’s racing legacy and his determination “to push the limits of the possible” with the production of high-tech, high-performance vehicles for the open road. They say the McLaren F1 redefines what a supercar could be … that it’s so unbelievably comfortable that owners like Paul McCartney and Rowan Atkinson drive theirs everywhere. It’s probably true.

Customized Policies to Fit Your Needs

When you own a McLaren supercar, you want to protect it. At Classic Auto Insurance, we get that and can help you find the perfect coverage. We offer customizable policies that are not just a one size fits all. Our customizable McLaren insurance plans are tailored to each individual customer and your vehicle to fit your needs.

 Agreed Value Not Stated Value

At Classic Auto Insurance, we offer you Agreed Value coverage on your McLaren. Unlike other insurance companies who want to tell you what your car is worth, we will work with you to determine the real value of your car and write a policy based on that price. In the event your McLaren is totaled in a covered loss, you will receive the exact agreed-upon value on your policy minus your deductible.

Flexible Plans and Rollover Miles

Choose from one of our three mileage plans -1,000, 3,000 or 6,000 miles- to tailor your McLaren insurance policy to your needs. For example, say you plan travel to Monterey for the car show, but the plans never come together. No problem – Classic Auto Insurance offers rollover miles from one year’s policy to the next. We understand plans change and we don’t feel you should lose miles just because you didn’t use them.

Classic Auto Insurance – Affordable Rates for Your Peace of Mind

In addition to Agreed Value, our “Inflation Guard” provides an automatic increase in vehicle coverage every quarter, throughout the policy term, so you don’t have to worry your McLaren may be underinsured. This is just another way we offer peace of mind to Classic Auto customers.

McLaren Roadside Assistance – Call Anytime

Your McLaren is built for speed – but that doesn’t mean you will never find yourself broken down on the side of the road. No need to worry – your Classic Auto Insurance policy includes nationwide McLaren roadside assistance with guaranteed flatbed towing. We are just a phone call away.

Track Day Insurance

If you want to drive your McLaren on a race track, we can protect you and your car with an OpenTrack policy, the first and only on-demand daily on-track insurance solution designed for high-valued cars, supercars and exotics.

Classic Auto – The Perfect Coverage for Less

Personal service is what we at Classic Auto Insurance pride ourselves in. We love supercars like McLaren. We also know how much time and effort goes into caring for them. That is why we assist our customers in finding the perfect policy for their individual needs. 

Get a free instant McLaren insurance quote online or give us a call today at 888-901-1338 and see how we can help safeguard your McLaren. When you drive one of fastest high-performance cars around, the last thing on your mind is insurance. We take the worry out of finding the right policy so you can go back to your passion for cruising the backroads in style.

Find out what makes Classic Auto Insurance policies so different right here.

The Future Looks Bright for McLaren Automotive

Known for F1 race cars, McLaren is making their mark using cutting edge technology to produce high performance road cars.

McLaren Cars – Blazing Trails and Turning Heads

Want a challenge? Talk about Formula One racing without mentioning the name McLaren.

Numerous awards, championship teams and innovative designs forever link them to the sport. McLaren Technology Group (MTG) uses advancements in technology to produce some of the finest cars on the planet – and they do it from a space ship in Surrey, England.

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