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Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

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Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

Insurance for Classic & Collector Cars

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What We Insure

Your classic car is everything to you. From the time searching for it everywhere to the endless hours restoring it, this car is one of your most treasured possessions. Trusting it to just any insurance company is not in your owner’s manual. Which is why Classic Auto Insurance is the best choice for your classic and collector car coverage, because we’re not like the rest. We understand your needs as a collector because we are collectors, too. Simply put – every owner treats their cars differently, whether using one of them as a daily driver while keeping another as a garage queen. We understand this, which is why we offer customizable policies to fit every car lover’s individual needs.

Classic Auto Insurance has been a leader in affordable classic and collector car insurance for 25 years and counting. Our policies with flexible mileage plans (1,000, 3,000 and 6,000 miles) and roadside assistance, based on Agreed Value rather than Stated Value, are just some of the features our clients love.

Are you wondering if your one-of-a-kind modified street rod is covered? Give us a call. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is always available to answer any question you might have or give you a quick and easy quote.

What Classic Auto Insurance Insures

  • Antique cars – 25 model years and older
  • Classic trucks – Restored or modified, we love our trucks
  • Collector cars – Including famous models associated with movies or celebrities
  • Exotics – Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche
  • High Performance Cars – Ford GT, McLaren, Lotus
  • Hot Rods – American as apple pie
  • Kit cars – Assembled by an experienced professional, manufacturer or dealer
  • Luxury cars – Aston Martin, Bentley, Rolls Royce
  • Modified cars – Resto Mod classics with performance and safety enhancements
  • Muscle cars – Camaro, Corvette, Dodge/Chrysler/Plymouth, Mustang, Pontiac GTO
  • Race cars – And their transport trailers
  • Street Rods – One-of-a-kind modified hot rods
  • Track Day – On-Demand Daily On-Track Insurance
  • Vintage cars – Classics from the early 1900’s such as the Ford Model T

Whatever You Drive We Can Protect

Your dream car may be a rolling piece of history or an exotic supercar that turns heads. Whatever you drive we can protect. We understand the blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into finding and restoring your classic. Sharing the same passion for cars makes us uniquely qualified to safeguard your most valued possession. Let us help you customize a policy for your collector car today.

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