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classic car inspection

Five Things That Should Be Included in Your Pre-Purchase Classic Car Inspection

Shopping for a classic car is a fun process, but it does come with certain financial risks, especially if you’re browsing for vehicles online. Not every classic car is worth purchasing, and some older vehicles can come with an abundance of body or mechanical issues that make them more trouble than they’re worth.  If you’re considering purchasing a classic car, …

5 Ways to Maintain Your Car’s Cooling System

As a vehicle enthusiast, you know that your vehicle requires regular maintenance—such as oil changes, tire rotations and replacements, and brake renewal—but what about your vehicle’s cooling system? Your cooling system is critical for your vehicle’s overall engine health and performance, and if you have issues with your cooling system, your engine could have difficulty running at a safe temperature. …

Here are Five Winter Driving Reminders

The winter months are a challenging time to operate vehicles safely. Severe winter weather can make road conditions incredibly dangerous and impact your visibility. Additionally, the weather may impact the integrity of certain parts of your vehicle. Here are five essential reminders for safe driving during the winter months.  #1. Double Check Your Tires A drop in temperature can negatively …

Top Tricks To Stress-Free Enjoyment Of Classic Car Ownership

Owning a classic vehicle is a highly enjoyable and rewarding experience. There are many reasons to love vintage and classic cars, and owning one yourself is a joy for car enthusiasts. Even though investing in a classic car has many benefits, it does also come with sources of stress, especially if you’re new to the world of classic vehicle ownership.  …

GT 500 clear bra

Part 2: InvisaShield: Collector Car Paint Protection Services – Clear Bra

Video Transcript: Rick: All right. We’re about done. John, you gotta tell me, I know pardon in the pun, but it looks like you got everything wrapped up.  John: Yeah. yeah, yeah. You know these cars are a labor of love. The Mustang GT 500 is one of the more difficult installs in as far as it goes because of …

paint protection clear bra

Mustang GT 500: InvisaShield – Collector Car Paint Protection Services – Clear Bra

Video Transcript: Rick: Hey everybody. This is Rick. I’m here with John at InvisaShield. We’ve got some new and exciting things that are going on in the collector car world. I want everybody to meet John and let him tell you a little bit about what he does here at InvisaShield.  John: Thanks, Rick. So our company InvisaShield, we do …

classic car storage

Classic Cars: Simple Tips For Long-Term Storage

When collecting classic vehicles, you need to perform essential maintenance and upkeep to maximize your vehicles’ lifespans. Here at Classic Auto, we know that you want to keep your classic vehicle on the road for as long as possible, and that’s why we have great tips for keeping your collector car in top-notch condition when you leave it in storage …

showing collector car

5 Essential Tips for Showing Your Collector Car

If you’ve rebuilt a project car or spent hours searching auctions and advertisements for an old-fashioned beauty, you understand that while dogs are man’s best friend, cars are often man’s most prized possession. Going to shows is one of the best ways to fully enjoy the experience of owning a unique car. On one hand, it is great to see …

classic car rust

Classic Cars: Know Where to Look for Rust Before Buying

Rust. It’s a heartbreaker. You see a classic car from a distance and it looks pristine, but when you get up close, it’s covered in telltale reddish-brown crumbles of rust. For some of us, there’s nothing more satisfying than finding a rusty old skeleton in a barn somewhere and bringing it back to its original beauty. Goodbye rust, hello dream …

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