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If you're involved in an accident, you should contact the underwriting company of your policy and they will go to work immediately to resolve your claim. They will be able to manage your claim more quickly if you have your policy number available. Both claims staffs understand that collectible car owners have special needs to ensure their car is repaired correctly. * Every accident is unique. Outside factors can affect the time involved in settling the claim.


To expedite the process, take a minute to create your own accident fact sheet before you call us. Your accident fact sheet should include:


  • Weather and road conditions
  • Date and time of the accident
  • The name of the policy officer who prepared the police report

You're in an accident. What should you do?

  • Seek medical care if you're injured. Your well-being is the first priority.
  • Obtain the names and addresses of witnesses.
  • Contact the police to file an accident report.
  • Exchange your name, as well as vehicle and policy information, with the other driver(s) involved in the accident.
  • Do not argue about or admit to fault with the other people involved.
  • Discuss the details of the accident only with the police and your claims representative.

Here's how the claims staff support you:

  • Allow you to select the repair facility.
  • Explain the claims process and make sure you understand your benefits.
  • Investigate the accident to determine the damages you incurred.
  • Pay you promptly for the benefits you should receive.
  • Handle any claims that are presented against you.


American Modern Claims:
FAX 1-513-947-4040

Infinity Insurance Claims:
1-800-348-4269 (option 6)
FAX 1-800-267-1458
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