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Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

Protect Your Classic Car’s Paint This Summer

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Classic Car Show Season is Here

Summer is here. So are classic car shows and cruises. Everyone loves attending these outdoor events to show off their collector automobiles and reunite with car community friends. If you are a veteran of these gatherings, you know the drill:
  • prime shady parking spots go early
  • be prepared for any kind of weather
  • protect your paint
Hot, humid summer months spell trouble for paint. Damage can happen to your collector car’s exterior in many ways. Defend it from the little things that can spoil a classic car enthusiast’s fun weekend. Have you experienced an incident at a car show that damaged your vehicle’s paint? Share your story in the comments. We want to commiserate.

Sunscreen for Your Classic

Everyone knows UV rays harm a vehicle’s paint. Routine washing and waxing protects the exterior and keeps it ready for the next event. Think of wax as sunscreen for your classic car. However, the sun isn’t the only source of UV exposure. Do you know fluorescent lights also emit UV radiation? This common type of garage illumination is generally mounted far above an owner’s collection. Because it has a low UV index, sustained exposure is needed to cause noticeable damage to your paint. Storing a classic car on lifts puts it in closer proximity to fluorescent lighting. The car’s color should be fine. Fading may occur on the interior fabric and dash. Give yourself peace of mind, use a car cover or replace fluorescent lights with LED T8 bulbs (they release no UV or IR).

Unpaved Roads Mean Paint Chips

Summertime car shows are often held in large fields or parking lots. Be mindful of unpaved roads and surfaces at event sites. Driving too fast or too close to other participants can result in stones flying up and chipping your paint. If this occurs, take it to a professional sooner than later. Chips allow rust to work its way under the basecoat.

Birds and the Bees for Classic Car Owners

They say the best bug is a dead bug until it hits your hood. Bugs become highly acidic immediately following their demise. Remove them promptly. Bird droppings landing on your hood may be a sign of good luck, although it can burn through your paint. It often contains remnants of nuts, seeds and bits of gravel (which you really didn’t want to know) that can scratch the paint on impact or during cleaning.

The Tree Sap Cometh

You feel triumphant for parking in the shade of a tree until the first glob of sap hits your roof. Cleaning it off a car is a nightmare. Wipe sap off too soon, and it smears. Leave it on too long; it becomes rock hard. Give the sticky mess time to dry then use a solvent specifically created to remove sap. Apply a generous coat of wax to the area during the next cleaning.

Don’t Let It Rain on My Parade

Don’t let rain put a damper on your car show. Water spots also form on your vehicle from driving through damp grass. They contain traces of fertilizer and pesticides used to treat the event grounds. An enclosed trailer can protect your paint from pollutant-filled drops that leave water spots and etch your clear coat (it is also great protection during transport). No trailer? Consider purchasing a canopy to keep the rain, sun and dust off your classic.

Get Your Hands Off My…

How many times have you buffed your paint to a glass-like shine only to have a spectator lean on the door? It is an innocent gesture, but one a classic car owner knows can harm their car. Fingerprints transfer body oil to the car’s paint. These greasy smudges collect dust and dirt, which can unknowingly get rubbed into the topcoat. No matter how diligently you guard your vehicle during shows and other events, things happen. Take a deep breath and roll with it. You are surrounded by sympathetic comrades who understand your plight. Life is still good.

Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

Keeping your collector car in tip-top shape is important to you. When something happens to it, you don’t want a runaround. When we say we understand, it is because we are collectors, too. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is always ready to listen and assist you. Let Classic Auto Insurance customize a policy to fit your needs. We offer affordable, Agreed Value coverage for a variety of collector, classic and custom vehicles. Visit our website at or call 888-901-1338 and get a quote on the spot. See how we can help safeguard your dream collection.
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