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Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

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Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

Track Day Insurance

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Protecting You and Your Classic on Track Day

At Classic Auto Insurance, we tailor policies to fit your car needs and do it for less than what a standard auto policy might cost. As classic and collector enthusiasts ourselves, we enjoy staying up-to-date on the evolving interests of our vibrant and thriving community. One of them is tracking.

Tracking is the ultimate hobby for high-performance drivers and classic and collector car enthusiasts who are beyond passionate about the entire culture and lifestyle that surrounds track days, private driving clubs and high performance driving education (HPDE). If you want to drive your one-of-a-kind vehicle on a race track, we have a way to protect your car and your actions on track day, so you can participate in HPDE events and enjoy all the thrills of non-competition tracking without worrying about damage to your car or your insurance coverage.

Classic Auto Insurance has developed a relationship with New York City-based OpenTrack, the first and only on-demand daily on-track insurance solution designed for high-valued cars, supercars and exotics. Full coverage with OpenTrack from Classic Auto Insurance is currently available in the United States, covering select tracks in 34 states, and internationally, covering select tracks in Canada, Belgium, China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and Spain.

OpenTrack Insurance Details

In general, your OpenTrack policy will cover:

  • On-Demand Coverage – Talk to us about single-event HPDE insurance or coverage for a limited number of race days. It’s easy and affordable
  • Annual Coverage – If you’re a frequent tracker or you own an exotic high-performance vehicle, a 12-month policy could be your best choice
  • Physical Damage – Coverage for collisions, crashes and any other physical damage that happens at the track
  • Liability Protection – Unlike other insurance companies, we understand the importance of liability insurance. If you harm someone else or their property – including the track’s property – you’ll be covered
  • Street-licensed and non-licensed track cars
  • Additional drivers at no extra cost
  • Any modifications to your car
  • Instructors and educators as they drive your car
  • Insurance on a stated-value basis

Physical Damage policies are underwritten by Aspen Specialty Insurance Company and liability policies are underwritten by Lloyd’s of London – both A-rated (Excellent) AmBest Carriers.

What’s Not Covered?

OpenTrack insurance is non-competition coverage and is not intended for competitive races, time trials or qualifying events.

Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

Let Classic Auto Insurance help you find the right policy for all your HPDE event needs. Get a free online quote or call 1-888-901-1338 and speak with one of our friendly representatives. See how Classic Auto Insurance can help safeguard your dream car for less.

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