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classic car rust

Classic Cars: Know Where to Look for Rust Before Buying

Rust. It’s a heartbreaker. You see a classic car from a distance and it looks pristine, but when you get up close, it’s covered in telltale reddish-brown crumbles of rust. For some of us, there’s nothing more satisfying than finding a rusty old skeleton in a barn somewhere and bringing it back to its original beauty. Goodbye rust, hello dream …

winter storage

Bring Your Classic Car Back to Life After Winter Storage

Getting your classic car back on the road after a long winter hibernation is one of the best parts of spring. But before your first drive, make sure your classic auto is ready to hit the road. By checking its maintenance beforehand, you’ll extend your car’s life and performance and drive as safely as possible. Visual Inspection After rolling back …

car parts

Need Help Looking For Classic Car Parts?

When you own a vintage or rare car, finding parts is like doing a scavenger hunt all over the world. It can be challenging to locate the precise parts you need and arrange for them to travel all the way home to your garage. Anyone who’s restored a classic car knows the feeling of hunting for just the right part …

protect your classic car

How To Protect Classic Cars From Everyday Hazards

There’s always going to be an innate risk when you own a classic vehicle. Whether you own a climate-controlled garage or not, everything from accident damage to theft to acts of god can cause unexpected damage or wear. As a classic car owner, the best you can do is to prepare for the worst. While we’ve already covered the basics …

protect classic car in rainstorm

What Classic Car Owners Should Do to Prepare for a Rainstorm

We’ve all been there—a summer day in the low 90s, crystal blue skies and nothing sounds better than an ice cream cone. So you take your classic car out, maybe roll down the windows or take down the top for that extra boost of the old summer feeling. And then, out of nowhere, a rainstorm rolls in. Now you have …

towing car

Trailer Your Classic Auto Like a Pro

When you own a classic or collector auto, it’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when. One day a broken part or a remarkably long journey will render your vehicle unsafe (for you and others), and you’ll be forced to trailer it. Trailering a vehicle (especially one as valuable as yours) can be a difficult process, and …

clean classic car interior

How to Sanitize Your Classic Car Without Harming the Interior

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, it may be a while until your next family road trip or visit to an auto show. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be using your vehicle—many of us still are traveling to our essential jobs, picking up groceries, and making trips to the doctor’s office and pharmacy. It’s never been more important to assure …

Car value

How to Protect the Value of Your Collector Car?

Unlike other vehicles, which depreciate in value quickly, collector cars are an investment. The longer your car has been out of production, the rarer it will likely be, and it could be more valuable. Any smart investor knows the importance of value maintenance. So how do you maintain or raise the value of your classic car? Below are a few …

file classic car insurance claim

What Happens When You File an Auto Insurance Claim?

If you’ve never filed an auto insurance claim, the first time can be daunting. Not only is it helpful, and calming to understand the process prior to an emergency situation — the more informed a driver is about insurance, the less they’re likely to pay. It’s not just new drivers or drivers with great records who are easily confused and …

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