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The Durable Popularity of the Pontiac 428

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Produced from 1967 to 1969 and usually reserved for Bonneville/Catalina’s, Prixs and other full-size/muscle cars (though we’ll touch on the exceptions to the rule shortly), the Pontiac V8 428 cubic inch (7.0 l) engine was an evolution of the 421 (a Nascar super-duty favorite) and its basic design. It even kept the same four-inch stroke as the 421.

Increased Bore and Horsepower

The bore was increased from four and 3/32 inches to 4.12 inches, which gave it a displacement of seven liters, and the engine produced 360 and 376 horsepower at 4,600 horsepower depending on the version when it was originally released. Improvements were made and by the end of its line produced 370 and 390 horsepower in both versions.

As we mentioned, the 428 was mostly exclusive to the Prix and Bonneville/Catalina—this was a result of GM’s strict internal policy limiting the engine size of midsize cars to 330 cubic Inches. Pontiac, however, would choose to sidestep that policy when it built the GTO. Many dealers often would install the model on GTOs and Firebirds for extra power.

The 428 is also distinguishable from its 421 counterpart by the “N” cast on the crankshaft (composed of much stronger iron alloys) as opposed to the 421’s Armasteel cast.

A Shift to Open Chamber Cylinder Heads for More Power

In the original 1967 version, the 428’s closed chamber cylinder heads had a 14-degree valve angle. However, in 1968 and 1969, this design was shifted in favor of open chambers. Because it was designed for larger cars, it had a tank that could hold 26 gallons. The engine had 472 foot pounds of torque, which is equal to 3,200 RPMs of pulling power. With some specialist modifications, that power could be improved.

An Enduring Legacy

The 428’s minuscule three-year production lifespan can be attributed to its replacement, the 455, which—like the 428 did with the 421—expanded the bore of its predecessor. The 428 always was intended to be a bridge between the 421 and the 455. However, despite its short production time, its popularity with performance enthusiasts and drag racers kept it alive much longer.

Revisit This 1976 Pontiac Trans Am from the World of Wheels Car Show

The owner of this newly restored 1976 Trans Am wanted to drive it, not show it at the 2017 World of Wheels Show. Ron from Vail’s Classic Car had to talk the owner into sharing this wonderful restoration with the public.

The restoration story is heart moving. The owner had a desire to restore her late husband’s hot rod. Now she sees him when looking at this beautiful automobile.

This Trans Am has had only one owner. As Ron puts it, it was definitely barn-fresh and dusty. It was a joy to restore this legend back to its original glory. But the restoration journey did have some challenges. Watch the video and learn the entire story.

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