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2013 Ferrari California Convertible – Made for Road Trips

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 2013 Ferrari California Convertible

Ever find yourself daydreaming about cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible, top down, sunglasses on and listening to the Beach Boys? Well, we do every time the temperature hits 32 degrees or lower. To take our minds off the cold, we’ve been searching our friends’ Dream Makers Automotive website. That’s where we find the perfect candidate for our coastal road trip, a red 2013 Ferrari California. Smokin’!

Ferrari Speed and Easy to Drive

Inspired by the 1957 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder, the California débuts in 2010 to the delight of sports car lovers. This car can transform from a coupe to a convertible in a mere 14 seconds thanks to the folding aluminum roof. Classed as a GT or Grand Tourer because of its passenger size and drivability, it still possesses that famous Ferrari speed.

Cruising for Two

The car’s popularity, price and maneuverability make it easy to see why drivers don’t want to leave it in the garage. With luxurious leather seats and classic Italian styling, who wouldn’t want to take this baby on a road trip? The California is said to be a 2+2 passenger GT but after looking at the back seat we’re thinking they meant that space for leaning your seat back. Cruising for two might be the way to go.
2013 ferrari california built for trips


California Boasts a Lot of Ferrari Firsts

In 2013, technological advances of the Ferrari racing teams make their way into the re-design of the car. While the Pininfarina-designed exterior remains the same, it introduces many Ferrari firsts:


  • First to have a V-8 engine in the front
  • First to feature a 7-speed dual clutch transmission
  • First to have a folding metal roof
  • First with a multi-link rear suspension
  • First with direct fuel injection
Ferrari designers spend over 1,000 hours in their wind tunnel with a scaled down model of the California perfecting it. It becomes the carmaker’s most aerodynamic model until the introduction of the F-12 Berlinetta.

Watch Out for the “Launch” Button

The perfect luxury cruising convertible, the California is still fast. Ferrari execs decide to boost the power in the 2013 model but scale back slightly to keep it from being labeled as a super sports car. With a blistering top speed of 193 mph, you might wonder why there is a need for the PS (Power Start) or “Launch” button on the console. Do you really need to go faster? There’s only one answer – heck, yeah! Forget the snow, PCH here we come.

Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

A customizable mileage plan from Classic Auto Insurance can provide the right insurance coverage for your Ferrari on your next road trip. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you have. Visit our website at and see how we can help safeguard your dream car.
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