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[Video] Autorama 2020: 1952 Chevy 3100 Pickup Truck

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As Classic Auto’s Rick Drewry hit the floors at this year’s Detroit 2020 Autorama, he stopped for a quick chat with the proud owner of this head-turning 1952 Chevy 3100 Pickup. Kenny, the passionate owner, alongside builder, Dennis, has poured over 2,000 hours into this custom designed 1952 Chevy which, has undergone complete restoration down to the frame.

This ‘52 Chevy 3100 is truly remarkable. Flaunting a strikingly red 454 big block engine, with red leather interior, ostrich on the door panels and seats, and an exterior water-based paint called blue heaven. We were thrilled to have an opportunity to speak with Kenny and Dennis about this incredible 1952 Chevy 3100 Pickup.

Interview Transcription:

Rick: This is Rick Drewry with Classic Auto insurance. We’re here at Detroit Autorama 2020. I’m here with Kenny and this beautiful ’52?

Kenny: ’52 Chevy pickup.

Rick: ’52 Chevy pickup truck. Off the charts custom on this. Tell me a little bit about the truck when it came in. What kind of condition was it and what was the plan from the get-go?

Kenny: Bought the truck in Arizona 10 years ago. I shipped it back here to Michigan. Didn’t really start working on it until I retired, which was eight years ago. And then it was in really good condition. There’s no bad weather in Arizona. So it wasn’t rusty or anything.

Rick: On this, did you start off with a rendering or anything like that? Did you have a plan or you knew you were going to get it restored and then figure it out.

Kenny: No rendering. I wanted to keep the body as stock as possible.

Rick: Okay, cool.

Kenny: So all the modifications were under the hood, on the frame, and in the interior. Basically all the panels are stock.

Rick: Okay, very good. All steel?

Kenny: All steel.

Rick: That’s cool.

Kenny: All steel.

Kenny: Well, the interior is red leather and it has ostrich on the door panels and on the seats. It’s water-based paint called blue heaven.

Rick: Blue heaven. So did you do most of the work yourself?

Kenny: I did a lot of it, but my builder… Can he come up here?

Rick: Yeah.

Kenny: Dennis.

Rick: Yeah, we’ll get Dennis to come on up. So you started off, you tore it apart.

Kenny: Tore it apart, did the frame to the chassis. I’m not a fabricator so I got with my builder here. This is Dennis Heinonen.

Rick: Come on in, Dennis.

Dennis: Yep.

Kenny: Denz Place Restorations.

Rick: Awesome, awesome. So when you got the truck, he started working on it, and then tell me what you picked up and where you went with it.

Dennis: Yeah, I guess basically he had started on it. We basically re-did the bodywork. Yeah, I mean it’s never easy when you take over someone else’s project. But we battled through it, re-did basically all the body, got everything to fit really well, bouncing ideas off each other with the different finishes, the matte on the engine bay.

Rick: Right. The contrast of the engine with the red is phenomenal.

Kenny: Yeah.

Rick: You wouldn’t think that at first, but then it’s like…

Kenny: Yeah, well a lot of people said you can’t put red with a blue truck.

Dennis: Yeah, we put a lot of time and we’re kind of sticklers when it comes to body and paint.

Rick: How many hours do you think you got in it?

Dennis: I’m guessing we probably put, if I remember right, we’re probably a little over 2,000 hours into it.

Rick: Yeah, it looks like it.

Dennis: And there was work done before we started. So there’s a lot of time that went into this truck.

Kenny: Well, we completed it enough to take it to the Frankenmuth show in September last year. And then we brought it back and had a lot of small things, mechanical issues, and things that we had to-

Dennis: Just new car bugs.

Kenny: Yeah, new car bugs to work out of it. And so then this was only the second time it’s been shown.

Rick: What area are you in?

Dennis: I’m out in the Howell Fenton area.

Rick: Okay.

Dennis: Yep.

Rick: And the name of the shop is Denz Place?

Dennis: Yep, Denz Place Auto Restorations.

Rick: Have you got a website?

Dennis: We don’t have a website, but we have Instagram, Facebook.

Rick: Okay, so just look for Denz Place.

Dennis: Yeah, yeah, for sure. We’re just a family shop, wife and I and three sons.

Rick: Awesome.

Dennis: And that’s the way we’re going to keep it. [inaudible 00:03:42].

Rick: That’s great. Well, awesome truck.

Kenny: Thank you.

Rick: Congratulations. You’re among the best of the best here.

Dennis: Yeah, it was kind of a scary, scary thing. They put us upfront here, and it’s intimidating being by these Ridler contenders.

Rick: Oh my god.

Dennis: But I’m actually pretty proud of it.

Rick: You should be.

Dennis: Yeah, we got a fraction of the money into this truck of what these cars have.

Rick: Yeah. It’s crazy.

Dennis: And I think it shows as well.

Rick: It does. It does. Pretty impressive.

Dennis: Yeah, thank you.

Rick: Nice meeting you guys.

Kenny: Thank you. Awesome truck.

Dennis: Thank you.

Kenny: And congratulations man.

Dennis: Thank you.

Rick: It’s getting plenty of attention.

Kenny: Thank you.

Rick: Thanks.

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