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[Video] Autorama 2020: 1930 Model A Coupe Hotrod

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Walking around this years’ Detroit 2020 Autorama we spotted this nice little 1930 Model A Coupe. Sporting a 39 Mercury Flathead V8 engine and the original old banjo rear end, this beautifully restored hot rod was not to be missed.

We know every hot rod has its own unique story and, Larry, the proud owner of this 1930 Model A Coupe, was happy to spend a few minutes with Classic Auto’s Rick Drewy to sharing his classic hot rod story with us.

Interview Transcription:

Rick: This is Rick Drewy. We’re here at Detroit Autorama 2020. I’m with Classic Auto Insurance. We were walking by and we saw this nice little hot rod here. And Larry, this is your car I’m assuming?

Larry: It is.

Rick: It is. Tell me a little bit about the car.

Larry: It’s a 1930 Model A Coupe, got a 39 Mercury Flathead V8 in it. It’s all 50 speed equipment on it, got a 5-speed transmission and the old banjo rear end, classic hot rod.

Rick: Right. How long has it been finished?

Larry: We finished it in ’18 and showed at four different shows in ’18, and went to Bonneville and did a photo shoot for old school rods.

Rick: Very cool.

Larry: Yeah, that was real fun, something I always wanted to do.

Rick: That’s definitely a bucket list thing.

Larry: Yes, exactly, exactly.

Rick: Tell me a little bit, anything that you run into that you weren’t expecting during the build?

Larry: Well, your typical stuff. I mean, we needed a kit to mount the motor to the transmission. Speedway offers a little something there and it worked out. Everything else went fairly smooth. It was something that had been planned for years and years.

Rick: You were ready at the time?

Larry: Yeah, definitely.

Rick: Cool. This is your, what, fifth show then you’ve brought it to?

Larry: Sixth. We were in Indianapolis a couple of weeks ago.

Rick: Are you going to be doing anymore?

Larry: Yeah, we’re going to Cleveland in two weeks and I’m shooting for Lonestar Round Up in Texas.

Rick: That’ll be a good one. That’ll be a good one.

Larry: Yeah, definitely.

Rick: Well, it’s a gorgeous car. Who did the paint work?

Larry: A boy named Mike Dolch out of Bright, Indiana.

Rick: Obviously, since I know the quality of work they do as far as that goes and I guarantee you there’s hardly any mud in this thing at all.

Larry: None. That one’s.

Rick: See, that’s the other thing, too, you got an all steel body, hand fabricated on a lot of things. And then the paint work, the interior and the flathead to me is what is the icing on the cake.

Larry: I had the motor before I started the car and I always wanted a coupe. I had it in a sedan and I found this coupe body and I was like, “Well, here we go.”

Rick: There you go. Awesome. Well it’s a nice ride, continue showing it and put some miles on it.

Larry: Thanks a lot.

Rick: Thank you. Nice meeting you Larry.

Larry: You too.


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