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Paul Walker’s Personal Car Collection

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Paul Walker Personal Car Collection

Turns out that the avid on-screen car fanatic, Paul Walker, was also an avid car collector in real life. His collection, which includes about 30 cars, includes many late-model BMW’s, Audis, and Porsches, as well as many Ford Mustangs.

The sale of Walker’s estate, as well as his cars, has already begun. Everything for sale is being handled through private brokers, however, and nothing is being advertised as belonging to Paul Walker, because the estate handlers believed he would not have wanted his property to sell for outrageous prices just because his name was attached to it.

The Smoking Tire was able to take a peek inside Walker’s garage back in 2012, and the video they shot is probably the most detailed look at the collection we will ever get. Even though this video doesn’t give all the details of the cars, we hope you will enjoy taking a look at the collection Paul Walker valued so highly, and spent so many years of his life working to purchase and maintain.


What do you think of his collection? Is this the kind of collection you’d like to have, or are you more of an antique/vintage car collector? No matter what type of cars you have in your garage, Classic Auto can protect the investment you’ve made! Give us a call at 888-901-1338 for a free, instant collector car insurance quote.

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