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Episode 16 – Installing the Windshield

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Here’s What’s Next on Project C10

Episode 16 – The Project C10 crew uses the rope technique to install the windshield on the cab. It takes a few tries, but it’s a milestone for the Chevy C10 restoration. Meanwhile, a unique insulation and cover kit installed on the underside of the hood provides superior noise reduction and creates a finished look for the engine compartment.

Episode 16 – Video Transcript

Rick Drewry: A couple of things I want to bring you up to speed on. The hood that we’ve got, it is a used hood. We ended up doing some body work on it and get it straight and painted the whole thing inside and out. Smart Protection for Hood Underside What I wanted to do is have something a little different on the inside of the hood. We’ve decided to do a flat satin clear on what was showing, and then also use this AcoustiHOOD. It’s a hood insulator kit for it, and it’s specific for this truck. Gives it a nice clean look, so when you open up the hood, and it kind of matches our theme with a lot of whites and blacks anyway. You see a ton of these trucks, and you don’t see too many hood insulators. You just see the hood. I wanted to go with something just a little bit different, and I’m thinking with the flat white on the inside as well as the insulator, it’ll give it that unique look.

About the AcoustiHood

AcoustiHOOD is a two-part insulation and cover kit for the inside of a vehicle hood. The HeatShield Thermal Acoustic insulation panels are designed to fit between the structural ribs of the hood to stop vibration, decrease airborne noise and protect the hood from engine heat. The high-temperature ABS panel protects the insulation and covers the rib structure, giving the underside of the hood a clean, finished look. Manufactured by QuietRIDE, each AcoustiHOOD is year-, make- and model-specific for an exact fit. The company estimates an AcoustiHOOD installation can reduce generated vehicle noise by 25 percent. It’s also designed for people who want to retain an OEM restoration look to the engine compartment.

Quick Tips for Installing a Windshield

Rick: Believe it or not, it took us a few hours but we got the windshield in place. A couple of quick tips:

  • Using lots of soapy water around the gasket itself where it matches up to the glass enables it to slide around and move to fit, otherwise it tends to bind. We took two shots at it. The first time we didn’t have enough. The second time it went right into place.
  • These things will fight you. Take your time. Use the rope technique all the way around.
  • This is not an impossible task, but you do need help. You need two to three people to put one of these in. Don’t ever try to do it by yourself.

Now that it’s in, that’s a milestone for us. We’re waiting on the gasket for the rear glass and that’s going to go in next.

Drew Yagodnik: We’ve got all the glass in, made a lot of progress, but it was a challenge. What did you guys face? I know I got some “nastygrams.” The front windshield was difficult.
Rick: Well, the one, it kind of kicked our ass a little bit, pardon my French, but it did. It took us about five hours to get in, and it took about three tries to get it in right. You could do it quicker, but also the quicker you go, the more you screw things up. A lot of that time was spent cleaning up the glue afterwards. It’s done. It’s in. It looks good. Now where all the glass is in. We don’t have to do any more glass.
Drew: We’re getting there. Stay tuned.

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