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Daylight Savings Time Begins on March 11

Daylight Savings Time

Don’t forget to spring an hour ahead on March 11 if you are in an area of the country that observes Daylight Savings Time (DST). American inventor Benjamin Franklin originally thought of DST in 1784 while he was in France, but it did not officially become a plan for the US until 1918. From the beginning, Daylight Savings was a hotly contested issue and has been enacted/reenacted several times in different areas of the country.

Though the ritual of changing the clocks on all your appliances and vehicles can be less than pleasant (and usually results in the search for missing instruction manuals), the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety states, “Adding an hour of light to the afternoon increases the visibility of both vehicles and pedestrians. Researchers estimated that about 900 fatal crashes could have been avoided during 1987-91 if daylight saving time had been in effect throughout the year.” Driving more carefully as evening falls as well as making sure headlights are on and in good working order can also prevent accidents such as these.

Accidents can happen at any time, regardless of time zone, so it is important to insure your investment. Collector cars need special coverage that insure full market value while providing low enough premiums that their owners can still afford to pamper and restore their investments. Classic Auto Insurance strives to offer complete protection and affordable coverage for our clients.

What do you think about Daylight Savings Time and its affect on drivers? Share your comments below.

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