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The “Don’ts” of Classic Car Maintenance

How To Maintain Your Collector Car With Classic Car Insurance

There are a whole host of questions we receive each week from drivers across the country, and the majority of those questions are maintenance related. Caring for a classic car can be nearly a full time job if done well, and it is certainly not an inexpensive hobby. If you are looking to keep your car in the best condition possible, but make sure you don’t break your bank in the process, these are the top routines you’ll want to keep to protect your classic:
  1. Don’t skip regular fluid checks and maintenance appointments. That may seem like a broad point to make, but delaying regular checks on your car just adds more wear and tear over time. You may not see the immediate impact by waiting another 1000 miles on your oil change, but after several years, the damage will begin to be visible.
  2. Don’t drive hard. Yes, this is the “party pooper” point, but there is nothing that will wear your car out faster than treating it like a road horse. Take your corners a little slower, start up a little more gently, and whatever you do, don’t shift gears while your car is in motion!
  3. Don’t skip cleanings! Yes, that sounds like advice from your dental hygienist, but it applies to your classic car as well! Dirt, road salt, and other nasty elements will wear out the underbelly of your car faster than just about anything else. Take the few extra minutes to get your car washed frequently and it will pay off hugely when it comes to resale value in the future.
  4. Don’t forget to keep your records and paperwork. While this doesn’t directly affect the condition of your car, it will affect any value your car takes with it to a sale or auction. Buyers want to see every piece of paperwork you have on your vehicle, including maintenance records, part records, and anything else you have that shows the pieces and value that has gone into your car.
  5. Don’t park in dangerous spots and don’t store your car poorly! A huge chunk of the claims we receive are for cars that were dinged in parking lots, or cars that suffered damage when they were left out of the protective coverage of a garage or shelter. Park in spots that are a little less frequented, and if you don’t have adequate garage space for your classic, then you don’t need to have a classic! Protect the investment by storing it safely!

What other tips would you add to this list? If you have a collector car that needs the best protection you can give it, Classic Auto Insurance is the right company to call! Contact our customer service reps at 888-901-1338 for an instant free classic car insurance quote on our affordable custom policies.
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