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1993 Mustang Cobra

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In the 1990s, the Ford Motor Company unveiled one of its most iconic Mustang iterations: the 1993 Mustang Cobra. This debut came at an important time because General Motors was outperforming the standard Ford Mustangs. 

The General Motors subsidiaries Chevrolet and Pontiac had recently released the impressive fourth generations of the Camaro and Firebird. In the 1960s, GM created these vehicles to compete with the new Ford Mustang, which essentially created the pony car market. By the 1990s, the Camaro and Firebird had become fierce rivals to the Mustang, and Ford needed to introduce a new version of their groundbreaking classic to continue attracting public attention. This was also a period in which Ford was transitioning to the new fourth-generation Mustang, but the company didn’t release this next series until the following year. 

To keep the public’s interest while waiting for the fourth generation, Ford released the stunning 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra. Here’s what you need to know about these breathtaking 1993 muscle cars.

Development of the 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra

The Cobra was developed by the Ford Motor Company’s Special Vehicle Team (SVT) subsidiary, which was active from 1991 to 2015. SVT’s first vehicles include the Cobra and the F-150 Lightning pickup truck. The SVT was largely created to produce high-performance versions of existing Ford vehicles, and the subsidiary only produced a limited volume of these special vehicle iterations. 

In order to deliver premium quality, the Ford division was committed to using the best available resources both inside and outside of the company to optimize vehicle performance. When developing the Cobra, the subsidiary enlisted the help of Jack Roush to improve the car’s 5.0 L performance. Additionally, the division had ASC body stylists equip the Cobra with a fresh, noteworthy style. Although much of the Cobra was designed by automakers outside of Ford, Ford’s subsidiary did handle the car’s impressive suspension reworking in-house. 

Getting ASC involved was clearly a great decision, as the vehicle boasts an understated and stunning appearance. It’s perhaps the cleanest-looking Mustang featuring a Ford Fox platform. Some of ASC’s iconic additions included new front grillwork, snake badging, 7.5 x 17-inch aluminum wheels, and a rear spoiler. The car also sported three color combinations: Vibrant Red, Ebony, and Teal Metallic. 

The car’s interior is by and large the same as a standard Mustang GT. The car’s layout was less-than-suitable for tall drivers, but it featured good quality front seats, back seats with decent vision, and an old cabin design. Though it shared many similarities with the Mustang GT, the car did have notable upgrades, such as its leather seating, upgraded sound system, and greater trunk capacity. Additionally, the Cobra owners could fold up their rear seats, allowing 30.0 more cubic feet of trunk space. 

1993 Ford Mustang Cobra Specifications

In addition to the vehicle’s body and interior upgrades, the Mustang Cobra was also fitted with an impressive powertrain. The car underwent extensive engine modifications including bigger valves, rocker arms, valve springs, tuned intake manifolds, and different injectors. Ford also equipped the car with a five-speed manual gearbox. These upgrades on the 5.0 L V8 empowered the car to boast 235 horsepower, and it could go from 0 to 60 in only 5.7 seconds. 

The Cobra offered a truly phenomenal speed performance, and it also featured high-quality brake performance. The car’s four-wheel disc brakes were around 10% more effective than the brakes within the standard Mustang GT. In fact, the car could come to a complete stop after going 60 mph in around 150 feet. 

Ford’s Cobra also boasted the best handling and ride quality to ever grace the Ford Fox platform. The SVT team tuned the suspension to real ride standards, and they equipped the car with a softer rear spring as well as a smaller front stabilizer bar. Additionally, the car’s shock and strut ping rates were softer than the standard Mustang, allowing for a smoother but firm ride. Standard Mustangs weren’t known for offering comfortable rides on rougher roads, so the handling upgrades were much appreciated by motorheads. 

This car featured much to write home about performance-wise, but drivers could also rest easy about the vehicle’s gas mileage. The car featured an EPA fuel mileage label that was the same as 5.0 L HO cars, and it had an average economy of 19.7 mpg during a test drive. The car featured a 15.4-gallon gas tank, allowing the car to cruise for 303 miles uninterrupted.  

The Legacy of the 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra

Ford wanted the Cobra Mustang to be the best iteration within the third-generation Mustang series, and most would argue that they certainly accomplished this feat. The car celebrated the classic Mustang body while also adopting new updates to make for a smoother ride. 

Although SVT accomplished a great deal with the creation of the Cobra, the vehicle still fell short compared to the 1993 Z/28 and Trans Am Camaros, but the Cobra attracted necessary attention for Ford as they developed the fourth generation Ford Mustangs. 

The Cobra also offered a feature that Camaro and standard Mustangs failed to provide: exclusivity. SVT only produced around 5000 units of this sporty and powerful Mustang.

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