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Just Sold at Auction: 1952 International Harvester L-112 4-Speed and more!

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Recent auctions at have been exciting to watch. Not only have there been some incredibly restored, beautiful classic cars on the site, but there have also been some budget-friendly project cars. Some recent auctions we want to draw attention to are the 1952 International Harvester L-112 4-Speed, 1959 Metropolitan Hardtop, 1953 Studebaker Champion Starlight Coupe, and 1954 Kaiser Darrin. 

1952 harvester1952 International Harvester L-112 4-Speed

The auctioning owner of this red International Harvester pickup acquired the truck in 2016. It is an L-112 model finished in red with tan pinstripes. Work by the seller included rebuilding the radiator. Parts that were replaced in 2023 include the tires, thermostat, and fan belt.

The pickup has black bumpers, running boards, and trim. Its exterior features consist of LED headlights, side mirrors, and a spray-in bedliner. It has 16-inch steel wheels, hubcaps, and Power King tires. The truck’s exterior has some imperfections, including some cracked paint and rust bubbles.

The interior has a grey vinyl bench seat which matches the door panels and visors. The cabin has manual crank windows. On the dashboard, you’ll find an 80-mph speedometer. 

The 1952 International Harvester’s power comes from a 220 cubic inch Silver Diamond inline-six engine, rated at 90 hp (when new), that connects to a 4-speed manual transmission. It has electronic ignition and a single downdraft carburetor. Previous work involved rebuilding the starter and fuel pump.

The odometer indicates just under 50,000 miles, with about 2,000 of those being put on the car by the auctioning owner. The truck sold for $16,250.

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1959 Metropolitan Hardtop1959 Metropolitan Hardtop

This cool-looking white and yellow 1959 Metropolitan was acquired by the seller out of Arizona in 2020. In the years since, the owner has overhauled the brakes and fuel system and also installed a new carburetor, master cylinders, leaf springs, and shocks. 

The Metropolitan is powered by a 1.5L inline-four engine with a 3-speed manual transmission, started by electronic ignition. 

The two-door hardtop was repainted in factory colors by a previous owner. The classic car’s exterior details include chrome bumpers, a continental spare tire, and Looney Tunes decals. The seller replaced some items in the car, including the windshield and lights. 

There are also some imperfections, which include some rust bubbles and scratched paint.

The interior features patterned cloth and vinyl upholstery. Under the hood, you’ll find the 1.5-liter inline-four connected to the column-shifted 3-speed manual transmission.

The odometer is inoperable and shows 19,000 miles, but the true mileage is unknown. The seller estimates about 1,500 miles have been driven under their care. Offered at no reserve, this 1959 Metropolitan received mechanical attention and freshening by the seller to ready it for its next owner. It sold for $9,200 at auction. 

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1953 Studebaker1953 Studebaker Champion Starlight Coupe Project

This ’53 Champion Starlight was delivered new in Florida and remained with the original owner’s family until the auctioning seller acquired it out of long-term storage in 2023. The two-tone blue and white coupe has a seized 259 V8 engine and 3-speed transmission with overdrive added in the 1950s. It comes with purchase docs and a reproduction build sheet. 

Importantly, the car has not run since the 1970s but reportedly rolls freely. 

The Starlight coupe has Maui Blue paint and an Ivory Mist roof. The chrome trim runs along the quarter panels. It has backup lights and an attractive wraparound rear window. There is rust in the lower bodywork. 

The interior has vinyl upholstery and fairly extensive rust over most of the flooring. There is no carpeting. The Studebaker Champion Starlight also has an AM radio and a 110-mph speedometer. 

Underhood, the engine with transmission and overdrive was installed back in the ’50s, likely from a Studebaker President model. The car has 15″ steel wheels, added sway bar, and upgraded drum brakes.

The 5-digit odometer shows just over 33,000 miles but has rolled over at least once. Offered at no reserve, this long-stored ’53 Starlight coupe is a project needing mechanical revival and bodywork refurbishment. It sold at auction for $6,300. 

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1954 Kaiser Darrin 25-Years-Owned 1954 Kaiser Darrin

This Kaiser Darrin roadster was purchased by the seller about 25 years ago and is one of only 435 of these cars built in 1954. 

After being repainted white decades ago, it was sold and repurchased by the auctioning seller in 1999. The exterior has been restored to its original Champagne White. The Darrin has a 161ci inline-six engine and 3-speed manual transmission with overdrive. It has an attractive red leather interior that matches the top.

It has sliding doors, 15” chrome wire wheels, and a fiberglass body. The plexiglass wind wings, three-position soft top, and wide whitewall tires make the car stand out as a true restored classic. The engine is a 161 ci inline-six, and it has a 3-speed manual transmission and overdrive. The Hurricane six engine features a single carburetor and six-into-one exhaust manifold. 

Approximately 10,000 miles have been added by the seller, and the odometer shows 17,000 miles. The car sold for $88,853 at auction. 

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