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C10 Truck Restoration

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Episode 15 – New Vintage Air System

Episode 15 – The Project C10 crew replace the old heat-only air system with a new vintage air system kit complete with duct work and vents that provides both heat and air conditioning. They paint it to match the dashboard. What more to do before the big reveal? Head- and taillights, power windows and hood.

car restoration checklist

Creating a Restoration Project Checklist

Project C10 Tech Tip Video – Heads up, classic collector-restorers. What’s the advantage of making a master checklist for your next restoration project? It not only makes everything run smoothly, it ensures you and your restoration team have everything organized and ready each time you enter the garage.

picking right car sandpaper

Selecting Sandpaper to Prep for Primer and Paint

Tech Tip Video – The experts at Project C10 recommend using the proper grade sandpaper for paint or primer to stick. For primer, 180 grit gives enough “bite” to hold the primer while still concealing the scratches. We recommend using 600 to 800 grit sandpaper before applying the final paint.

Episode 14 – All About Wiring

Episode 14 – Project C10’s Rick Drewry takes you through the meticulous job of re-wiring our Chevy C10 truck using a new kit from Ron Francis Wiring. Rick’s biggest tip? Read the instructions. By the time you're done you’ll have a brand new wiring set-up that will be trouble-free for a very long time.

c10 truck construct crossmember

Need a Crossmember? Craft One Yourself

Tech Tip Video – The Project C10 team constructs a 1-½ inch metal crossmember for the rear of our Chevy C10 truck. Made with a dimple die, punch and flare/hole flair tools. Drill corresponding holes, press the metal through with the corresponding dimple die to give the holes a concave edge.

c10 restoration progress

Episode 13 – Starting to See Results

Episode 13 – With the cab on the frame, we’re seeing results in the last quarter of the build. Exciting! Mechanically, the team focuses on the brakes, steering, AC and wiring. Paint and body-wise, Rick Drewry is wet sanding and buffing the rest of the truck pieces. Stay tuned for the ultimate payoff.

c10 aligning engine pulleys

The Mock-Up Method for Aligning Engine Pulleys

Tech Tip Video – During truck restoration, use the mock-up method for aligning engine pulleys. Learn the Project C10 team's foolproof way to ensure a perfect alignment every time. Protect your classic with a customized policy from Classic Auto Insurance. Call 888-901-1338 or get a free quote online.

c10 truck install upholster

Episode 12 – Painting, Installing, Upholstering

Episode 12 – The Project C10 crew paints the exterior and interior of the cab, while others are reinstalling all the accessory drive system parts. The red bench seat not only gets new upholstery, new springs are installed – a cheap fix that more restorers should consider. It’ll make it feel brand new.

Episode 11 – Work Starts on the Engine

Episode 11 – From adjusting the panhard bar and rear suspension to starting work on the engine, the Project C10 crew is making strong headway. They remove the upper intake manifold to make way for new performance parts. And the brakes install like a dream. Now, they’re ready for the fun part. Stay tuned.