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Oprah’s 1996 Bentley Azure is on Display at the Volo Museum [Video]

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Ever wonder what one of the world’s wealthiest and most influential women buys herself for her birthday? If you are Oprah Winfrey, you buy a 1996 Bentley Azure convertible, of course. In this video interview, Brian Grams of the Volo Museum in Volo, Illinois gives us an up close look at the queen of OWN Network’s luxury Bentley. Share the video with your friends and drop a few hints, if you have a birthday of your own coming up!

The Car for Lady O

The story begins with Oprah and her best friend Gayle King celebrating the media mogul’s birthday in Miami. Lady O spots the black and cream Bentley rag top and decides she must have it. Dealer’s floor model or not, she didn’t bat an eye at the $300,000 price tag. The two ladies proceed to drive off (top down) unfazed by a pop-up shower. It is a scenario every classic car lover can relate to – you see it, you want it, you’ve got to have it.

Oprah and Gayle – Top Down and on the Road

Ms. Winfrey owns the car until 2002 when she reportedly gives it to a friend. This person keeps the luxury car until 2011, when the Volo Museum acquires it. Oprah loved this car and has mentioned it in interviews when describing her adventures with Gayle. One night’s escapades had them dressed up in Tina Turner wigs, music blasting and riding with the top down.

One Massive Example of British Luxury

The first version of the Bentley Azure comes out in 1995 and is based on the Continental Coupe. This massive example of British luxury weighs in at 5,800 lbs. and stretches to nearly 18 feet. The 1996 Azure is the first to have the convertible body and the last to feature the vertical slats on the grill (it is a mesh inset after that). At 10mpg city/15mpg highway, this vehicle costs Oprah a large chunk of her fortune just to keep it gassed up.

It’s Your Birthday, Oprah! Do What You Want to do!

Oprah Winfrey chooses the Bentley Azure for its classic styling and handcrafted elegance. Who wouldn’t want to cruise down the road in a convertible designed by Pinanfarina and built by Rolls Royce? Everyone knows, you get what you want on your birthday! (At least in theory).

See Amazing Collections at the Volo

Beautiful cars like this Bentley are a part of the amazing collection at the Volo museum. From the George Barris’s Munster Koach and the Batmobile to Jimmy Dean’s Porsche Spyder and the Back to the Future DeLorean, Volo has something for everyone.

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