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Episode 33: Project-COVID 1953 – Sanding & Buffing Firewall 1953 Bel Air Restoration

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Welcome back everybody to Project COVID 1953, our 1953 Chevy 150 Project. I’m here to let you know what I did to the firewall. I went ahead and wet sanded and buffed the firewall, I’m gonna be working around it. I don’t wanna try to wet sand and after, put things through the firewall or attached to the firewall. I’m trying to keep as little as possible off the firewall because I love a smooth firewall and I wanna try to leave it that way as much as possible. 

So the only thing I did was show where the steering column came out, that mount as well as the bulkhead, that’s for the heater hoses and the AC lines. I have also four holes, little holes, that are little bulkheads for the brake lines and hydraulic clutch line to that. I wanted to get everything figured out where I wanted it.  Buffed and then move on from there, so it went real smooth. Everything’s good. At a later date, you’ll see all the things going in and around the firewall, both on the inside and the outside. It’s gonna turn out pretty good. So check it out and there’s gonna be more to come to talk to you soon.

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