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Episode 32: Project-COVID 1953 – Rust Removal & More Bodywork

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Okay, welcome back everybody to project COVID 1953, our 1953 Chevrolet 150 project. To give you an update a lot of work’s been going on. It’s not the most exciting thing to watch, so I haven’t posted every little thing I’ve done. But there’s a lot that’s happening. I’m still doing a lot of rust removal on the hood. I’m getting it down to almost to the point where it’s ready to be primed with epoxy primer. That way I can seal in the good metal. And then also, so the grill that I disassembled, there were several pieces that were rusted and I soaked them in a Vaporust and let them sit for almost a week, cleaned them up and that did wonders. So I can just scuff them and prime them.

Then finally I’ve got all of those little pieces of the grill and many other small pieces that I’ve been working on as well in epoxy primer and all laid out on the table. We are ready to do bodywork to them to scuff them and prime them and get them ready for paint depending on the part. So, lots going on, as I said, it’s not the most exciting thing in the world, bodywork, and this shows the kind of the unsung hero is the bodywork. It’s the paint. The job’s only as good as the bodywork. So, there’s gonna be a lot of that going on, getting things ready to be able to be painted. So it looks good. So that’s, what’s happening now. Just wanted to give you an update and there’ll be more to come. Thanks a lot.

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