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Episode 31: Project-COVID 1953 – Disassemble The Grill and Doors

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Project-COVID 1953 Bel Air Restoration – Disassemble The Grill and Doors

Rick Drewry

Welcome back everybody to project COVID 1953, our 1953 Chevrolet restoration project. Give you an update on where we’re at. I was getting ready. We’re doing the bodywork, getting into that. So I had to do a little disassembly. The first thing I did was take the grill and the parts of it are gonna be chrome. Parts of it are gonna be painted. I went ahead and disassembled the grill, which doesn’t sound like much, but these old grills are made of numerous pieces, like maybe 15 or 20 pieces sometimes. So I disassembled it completely. Also, the hardware on it was mismatched, things like that. So I’m gonna get a new bolt kit or a fastener kit for the grill to rebuild the grill all in stainless. So I’m getting that instead of having this hodgepodge of mismatched nuts, bolt screws, things like that to put it together, but I’ve got it disassembled.

Start stripping it down and prepping it to either be chromed or to be painted, depending on which piece it is. The other thing I did was I went ahead and disassembled the doors. The doors were straightforward getting everything apart on them. I completely gutted them down to a bare shell and get that ready for bodywork as well. And I’ll be sanding that down, getting them prep painted. And then of course, when we go back together, it’ll have new hardware and new run channels, new glass, everything like that. So look forward to seeing that done which will be kind of a pain later on, but it’ll be worth it. Just keeping you posted, the grills and doors are disassembled and ready for work. I’ll catch up with you next time. 

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