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How to Find Your Classic Truck Community

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Looking for My Truck Tribe

If you’re like us, you’re probably knee-deep in a restoration and may not have time to connect online or socially with others in the classic truck community. These folks have a lot of expertise and support to offer though, so it may be time to think about what you want from a classic truck group. Before joining any club or organization, ask yourself what your expectations are about the experience. We put together the following tips to help you decide what type of tribe you are looking for.

Where to Start Your Search

When looking for a classic truck or car club, decide if you want to join a group that encompasses different collector vehicles or one that is specific to your favorite make and model. An online search for groups in your vicinity is a good start. For instance, has a forum for Indiana members. If there was a Ford plant in your area, there might be Ford truck or car clubs close by. You may not find what you want in your immediate location. Keep looking. Search on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Smaller clubs may only use these outlets.

Attend Collector Car & Truck Events

Search for collector vehicle events in your community. Start attending car shows and cruises to meet fellow enthusiasts. Many organizations sponsor these gatherings and it is an excellent way to meet members. Talk to owners showing classic trucks like yours. They are a great resource for identifying local groups. If there are representatives from parts vendors or restoration shops on site, speak to them. They love to talk shop and are often classic truck and car lovers, too (Classic Auto Insurance is a prime example. If you see our tent, stop by for a chat!)

Know What You’re Looking For

Know what you are looking for in a club before committing to membership. Once you find an organization you are interested in, do a thorough knowledge check. Attend open meetings and ask questions. Follow them on social media and review forums. It helps you gauge if the club is active in events you want to attend. Some groups are social clubs and others focus on the nuts and bolts of restorations. Consider:
  • Dues – Some clubs have sizable fees to cover large events. Other groups are free and offer mostly online chat sessions. Decide if the dues are worth what you will get back in return.
  • Location – Some organizations meet regularly and require members to attend a specific number of times to remain active. Determine if you can fulfill this obligation.
  • Responsibility – As part of your membership, you can be asked to join committees, work charity events or travel to out of town car shows. Before joining, make sure you have the time to do this and still work on your restoration.
  • Compatibility – The whole point of joining a club is to find people who are as enthusiastic about classic trucks or cars as you. Look for a group you would want to stay with for the long run.

Have You Found Your Classic Tribe Yet?

The classic truck and car community possess a wealth of knowledge. It offers support and encouragement to its members. They motivate you to try new things and attempt challenging competitions. When you find the right fit, you discover lifelong friendships. In addition, you are preserving this rich and satisfying pastime for future generations with membership. Have you found your classic tribe yet?



Coming Soon from Classic Auto – Project C10

At Classic Auto Insurance, we love all kinds of trucks! We are devoting blood, sweat and tears to restoring a 1965 Chevy C10 and we’re almost ready to share our build with you (our tribe). Stay tuned for the premiere of Project C10, powered by American Modern. It will be a classic! We also know accidents will happen, so leave nothing to chance. Protect your masterpiece during its restoration. Classic Auto Insurance offers affordable coverage for a variety of collector cars. Let our knowledgeable staff answer all your questions and customize a policy to meet your needs. Visit our website at or call 888-901-1338 and see how we can help safeguard your dream car or truck.


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