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[Video] Custom 1964 Chevy C10 Built for Driving

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Take a look at this gorgeous 1964 Chevrolet C10 truck owner Terry Clark builds with the help of Josh Wells of WickedKolor in Indianapolis, Indiana. One of Classic Auto’s Project C10 experts, Rick Drewry, talks with Terry about his passion for building trucks. Sometimes the reasoning behind taking on a big build project is simply having a deep love of the vehicle, and that’s definitely the case for Terry. “I like trucks,” he says. “I like the body style of this thing. I wanted it more for just buzzing around and driving.” Sleek and shiny black, it has the retro look of a 60’s C10 and the gleam of a fresh modern beauty – not to mention the smooth drivability that comes from an expert build.

Down to the Details

Under the hood, there’s an SBC 350 V8 motor and TH350 auto transmission, with Edelbrock Pro Flo XT fuel injection. It is important to Terry for the vehicle to be a good ride and completely dependable, because this isn’t a truck that just sits in a garage. He drives it frequently and loves every minute of the experience. Terry adds details to the interior for pure enjoyment. For example, Terry intentionally installs a tall, cartoon-style shifter that reminds him of riding around in old trucks as a kid. All of the interior hardware is custom cut in matte pewter, rather than chrome, for a cohesive, personalized look throughout the truck. The result is a silver and black futuristic-meets-retro cab that almost feels like the helm of a very rugged spaceship, roaring across the galaxy with powerful C10 truck magic.

Every Day is Like Christmas

When asked what the toughest part of the build is, Terry takes a moment to remember the long process involved with crafting his truck. “Just the time it takes,” he says. Building a custom truck involves finding a huge number of parts, doing detailed planning and custom designing parts when necessary. It’s a labor of love with a huge time investment. But the rewards come constantly. “Every day is like Christmas when you’re doing this stuff,” he explains. “When you get the frame done, that’s something new. You put the body on there, then you start putting the fenders on … Every day is something new.”

Chevy C10 Spirit

Terry has never shown a vehicle before and says his “Project C10” isn’t about taking it to events or showing it off. He truly does it for the love of driving and is just happy that other people are so interested in his truck. For Terry, sharing this beautiful C10 with you is a three-way celebration – one, that his project is done; two, that this amazing truck exists and three, that the C10 spirit is still alive in America. What’s more, Terry’s wife is very happy with Terry’s C10, too, which is always important. After so much money, patience and time goes into the project like this, she is glad to see such a wonderful result. See more pictures and learn more about this 1964 Chevy C10 truck build here.

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Classic Auto Insurance is celebrating 25 years with our very own truck restoration. Project C10, powered by American Modern is an original video series from Classic Auto that chronicles the restoration of a 1965 Chevy C-10 truck to a beautiful restomod worthy of car show display. Stay up-to-date with Project C10 by subscribing to Classic Auto’s YouTube Channel, following us on Instagram and visiting our C10 Restoration page on, where you’ll enjoy step-by-step episodes, project-specific Tech Tips and behind-the-scenes articles that give you an inside look into what it takes to restore a classic collectible like a Chevy C10 truck.

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