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What Makes a Car A Classic?

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If you’ve ever cruised down the road in a classic car, you know the joy of these truly special vehicles. If you are fortunate to own one, you possess a rare find. These cars evoke memories, admiration, and even envy! But what exactly is a classic car?  

Classic, Antique, or Vintage?

There are classic, antique, and vintage cars. Even if you’re a car lover and collector, it can be difficult to decipher these labels and understand the difference. The answer to “How old is a classic car?” really depends on who you ask. 

The term “classic” is subjective and thus means different things to different people or groups. Vintage cars usually gain value over time because they are rare or in high demand, which makes them very desirable for auto enthusiasts and collectors. The Classic Car Club of America, insurance companies, and states have distinct definitions and requirements for what makes a car a classic. 

The most popular models of vintage cars vary by state, but some include the 1969 Dodge Charger, 1964-1973 Mustang, 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, 1963 Chevrolet Corvette, 1967-1969 Chevrolet Camaro, 1958-1970 Chevy Impala, and 1967 Ford Thunderbird.

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Classic Car Club of America’s Definition of Classic Cars

Is a 30-year-old car a classic? 40 years? The Classic Car Club of America has a very specific definition of what is considered a “classic” car.” It defines a classic as a “fine” or “distinctive” automobile, built in America or another country and produced between the years of 1915 and 1948. For registration purposes, however, many states consider cars of that age to be antique or vintage vehicles.

Other factors include whether it was high-priced and “top end” when new, whether it was built in limited quantities, its engine displacement, bespoke coachwork, and luxury accessories. A “mass-produced” or assembly line vehicle is not considered classic. Lastly, the Classic Car Club of America has a list of vehicle makers, but only certain models are considered classic. 

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Insurance Definition for Classic Cars

Most insurance companies define a classic car as at least 20 years old but no more than 40 years old. To be registered and insured as a classic, it should have its original design and specifications. If the car has been restored, it must be consistent with how it was originally built, including the interior and engine parts. Some modifications can void classic car status.

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State-Specific Definitions of Classic Cars 

Each state has its own historical designation and license plates to recognize antique, historic, and classic vehicles or horseless carriages. To register your car under one of those designations, you must meet the criteria of your state of residence including the ones for how old to be a classic car.

In Indiana, where Classic Auto Insurance is located, the state has no specific definition for registration purposes. However, a historic vehicle can be registered as a collectible for a reduced fee if it is at least 25 years old, is owned, operated, restored, maintained, or used as a collector’s item or an investment, and transportation is not its primary use. Other states offer reduced vehicle registration fees as well. 

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Resto-mods, a blend of “restoration” and “modification,” have surged in popularity among classic car enthusiasts. These customized classics combine the timeless charm of vintage vehicles with modern performance and technology upgrades. Car owners are drawn to resto-mods for their ability to maintain the nostalgic appeal while enhancing aspects like safety, comfort, and drivability. Whether it’s installing modern engines, upgrading suspension systems, or incorporating advanced infotainment features, resto-mods offer a unique driving experience that merges the best of both worlds. As the demand for these customized classics grows, it’s essential for owners to stay informed about insurance options that cater to the specific needs of resto-mods, ensuring their prized possessions are adequately protected on the road.

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The Most Trusted Insurance Carrier for Classic Cars

Are you the lucky owner of a classic car? If so, you want to protect this treasured possession and asset. Classic Auto Insurance has provided reliable, thorough auto insurance for classic cars for more than 20 years. We create customized auto insurance plans to meet your needs.  

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