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What Is the Rarest Land Cruiser?

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Toyota first debuted its stunning Land Cruiser in 1951 with the BJ heavy-duty series. The Japanese manufacturer initially developed these utility vehicles to support the U.S. military during the Korean War.

In 1960, they unveiled the J40 series of Land Cruisers with a particular focus on delivering quality off-road capabilities.

Many of these models are now one of the rarest and highly sought-after collector’s items.

Some of the rarest Toyota Land Cruisers have undergone impressive makeovers thanks to the FJ Company, located in Miami, Florida. This company specializes in restoring and customizing some of Toyota’s rarest models.

In this blog, we explore two of the rarest Toyota Land Cruisers, both of which are from the J40 series: the 1981 FJ43 and the 1964 FJ54LV. We’ll also unpack the Land Cruiser Restomods originally purchased and developed by the FJ Company.

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1981 FJ43 Land Cruiser

The FJ43 Series consists of extremely rare Toyota Land Cruisers. These vehicles featured two doors, a medium wheelbase, and a four-wheel drive. Many of the Land Cruisers also came with stylish soft tops that were equipped with helpful roof racks. This Toyota model differed from the FJ40 series because it was more spacious, adding luxury to these off-road beauties.

The FJ Company crafted a Restomod out of a particular model of this classic Land Cruiser. The company originally purchased an authentic 1981 FJ43L-KC from central Columbia. The vehicle was owned by the same person since it originally left the lot, making it an incredibly special find.

Like with all of the FJ Company’s custom Land Cruisers, those working on the car started their work by implementing a full restoration, including both mechanical and cosmetic work before it eventually sold.

After a much-needed rebuild and oil change, the company gave the stunning FJ43 a complete makeover. With this particular model, FJ painted it an attractive Dune Beige coloring with a custom matte finish. They also replaced the original engine of the rarest Toyota Land Cruiser — a 4.2 liter 2F straight six — with a Toyota 4.0 liter 1GR-FE V6.

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1964 FJ45LV Land Cruiser

Toyota’s FJ45LV featured a long-wheelbase as well as four-wheel drive. Like with the FJ43, it’s one of the rarest Land Cruisers. In fact, Toyota only produced 5,080 examples.

In 2018, the FJ Company turned a 1964 FJ45LV station wagon with a rusting red exterior into a stunning Restomod. To restore the car, the FJ team retained its styling while upgrading its original parts. The company gave the vehicle a new Toyota 1GR-FE 4.0 V6, disc brakes at all four corners, and placed particular focus on upgraded suspension components.

Finally, they refinished the vehicle in an eye-catching Deep Green (632).

The FJ Company eventually sold these remarkable Toyota Land Cruiser Restomods for around $200,000 each. This is certainly a hefty amount of money, but you can find a classic FJ40 Series Land Cruiser for far less. You can find the sale of one of these 40-Series Toyotas with an original engine and original parts on auction sites, such as

Check it out before they’re sold!

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