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[Video] Autorama 2020: 1968 Camaro Dementor

Strolling through this year’s 2020 Detroit Autorama we saw a lot of exceptional craftsmanship, creativity and awesome automotive engineering, and this 1968 Camaro is the perfect representation of those qualities. With a completely rebuilt chassis, Recaro ZL1 performance seats, and a CAN bus electronic system, this shiny silver-finished machine absolutely pops in the light and is totally modernized.

We were able to spend a few minutes with the builder, Chris, from Premier Motorworkz, as he talked us through the build process and highlighted the exceptional details of this 1968 Camaro named Dementor.

Interview Transcription:

Rick: Hi, this is Rick Drewry, I’m with Classic Auto Insurance, and we’re here at Detroit Autorama 2020. We ran into our buddy here, Chris, who brought a killer ’68 Camaro Dementor.

Chris: That’s right.

Rick: You’ve got to tell me a little bit about this car.

Chris: It’s a ’68 Camaro. It started as a $10,000 Camaro swap, or a flip, and it went from there.

Rick: It got out of control.

Chris: It got out of control.

Rick: Okay.

Chris: Just wanted to build something a little different, a sinister-looking car, something not that you see every day.

Rick: The fit and finish are awesome. You guys did great bodywork on there.

Chris: Thank you.

Rick: Any struggles on the body? What kind of shape was it in when you got it?

Chris: It should have been junked.

Rick: Really?

Chris: It should have been junked. When it was pulled apart, everything on it was rough underneath. And I’d say we built it in 11 weeks, a year and a half where the metalwork, all the tweaks, the drip rail, all the A-pillars have been massaged, the flush mount glass has all been put in and cut. It was a lot, a lot of hours, probably 1,500-1,800 hours was just metalwork.

Rick: I believe that. I believe that. And all new floor, I’m assuming, all the way back?

Chris: Yeah. And it’s all modified. So it’s a stock style Ford, but all modified because it’s got 18 Recaro ZL1 seats. It’s got heated and air-conditioned seats.

Rick: That’s cool.

Chris: It’s got a full CAN bus electronic system, and this car has its own wifi, has its own cell signal. It has everything in it that’s basically in a modern car. It could look almost like a Tesla. The windows vent when you open the doors. I mean, it’s got everything modern in it. And it stands out.

Rick: It does. It does. I mean, even without the light shining on it, you can see it.

Chris: Oh, yeah. If you’d see it in the light…

Rick: I was going to say, in the sun it’s got to pop.

Chris: It’s amazing.

Rick: Yeah. Very cool. Very cool. I mean, it’s nicely built. So what’s left that you got to do?

Chris: About 200 hours worth of work.

Rick: Okay.

Chris: I’m just kidding. You gotta shake them down. So once you shake them down, and you detail them, go through there … I’ve got some plumbing left to do on it. It runs and drives, and does what it needs to, but it’s just all the detail work to finish it off.

Rick: Yeah. Before the owner takes full possession of it.

Chris: Right.

Rick: Yeah, you got to get the-

Chris: No. He wants to drive it Tuesday. And I told him no.

Rick: Yeah. No. Please, no.

Chris: Right.

Rick: That’s awesome.

Chris: In fact, you’re getting ready to talk to him in a minute, because he needs some more insurance coverage on this car.

Rick: Perfect.

Chris: I was literally going to have him call you.

Rick: Awesome. That works.

Chris: Before you ever walked up.

Rick: Well, that’s good. That’s good. So you guys got any more in the pipeline, cars like this?

Chris: There are. Yes. So he owns a ’68 GTO convertible. It won’t be seen, but it’ll compete for a grade-A car. This is a nice car, but the GTO, it’s a belly pan, full suspension, independent rear. I mean, it’s nicer than this one.

Rick: Nice. Well, it’s cool. Looking forward to seeing it.

Chris: Appreciate it. Nice to meet you.

Rick: Great talking to you. Nice car.

Chris: Thank you. Appreciate it. Thanks.

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