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The Ultimate Father’s Day Buying Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

Gifts for Every Kind of Car Loving Dad

Not Another Tie!

Finding the right Father’s Day gift for your Dad could be about as difficult as restoring a classic car. You’ve known the man your entire life, yet when it comes down to shopping for him, nothing fits the bill. All you know is, you’d better not show up with another tie in that package! Factor in that Dad is a classic car enthusiast and the task gets even tougher.

Dad’s in a Class by Himself

We’ve come up with four basic types of classic-car-loving Dads to help you narrow down your gift selection. See which category your Father falls into and hopefully light bulbs will begin to go off over your head.

  1. Techie Dad – He is the man who always has the latest and greatest gadget.

  2. Relaxation Dad – He is someone who loves to enjoy his time off with his family … and his car.

  3. Musical Dad – He is listening to his favorite tunes no matter what he’s doing.

  4. Mechanic Dad – He loves to get his hands dirty and is always under the hood.

No “Magic 8 Ball” for Finding Dad a Gift

Last year Americans spent about 12.5 billion dollars on their Dads for Father’s Day. The average person spent just under $114 on presents for Father’s Day that range from clothing to gift cards –and ties. Before you get stuck wandering aimlessly around your local mall only to buy something totally … we’ll say uninspired, like a “Magic 8 Ball”, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a great list of gift ideas that are sure to please even the most discriminating Dad. Share our list with all the other desperate Father’s Day shoppers out there. Let’s make this the best Father’s Day ever! Now, get out there and shop ‘til you drop, people!

Father’s Day Gifts for Every Kind of Car Loving Dad


Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

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