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The Right Glass Cleaner Makes Car Windows Brighter

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Crystal Clear Glass

Whether you drive a Porsche or a pickup truck really doesn’t matter much if you can’t see out of your windshield. Clean, clear glass is the finishing touch to any detailing job. We’ve got a few tips to make this chore go as smooth as …well, glass.
First, dirty windows:

  • are a safety hazard;
  • take away from the overall look of a detailed car; and
  • shorten the life of the glass by allowing dirt to remain embedded in the surface.

Inspect Windshield and Windows

Normal driving coats windshields with a variety of contaminants. The glass gets pelted with road stones and debris. It is important to inspect your windshield and windows frequently to make sure they aren’t badly chipped and in need of replacement.

Clean Windows Last

When cleaning your classic car, clean the windows as a final step to avoid contaminating them with other detailing products. Use a good quality microfiber towel that cleans and shines your glass – one side to clean and the other side to buff.

Clean on a Cloudy Day

Avoid cleaning your windows in direct sunlight or in very hot conditions. Cleaners will evaporate quickly and give off fumes. Using paper towels isn’t a good idea, either. They contain glue that holds the fibers together and it can be transferred onto your windows, leaving a film.

Ammonia is a No No

Most household window cleaners contain ammonia, which is too harsh for detailing your classic car. It will dry out the plastic and rubber trim around the glass as well as omit toxic vapors that no one needs to breath.

Two Towel Method

Use a product that has no ammonia and only a small amount of alcohol like SONAX Glass Cleaner. This type of product doesn’t dry out quickly and allows you time to really clean the surface. When cleaning your windows use a two towel method. Wet the first towel with the cleaner. Do not spray the solvent directly onto the glass to avoid getting it on rubber or plastic surfaces. Use the second towel to dry off the glass cleaner. Flip it over to buff. One way to find streaks easily is to wipe in one direction on the outside of the glass and in the opposite direction on the inside.

Hard Water Can Etch Glass

Leaving hard water spots on your windows too long can permanently etch the glass. A glass restorer can help remove some of them. Apply the solution by hand and remove with a polisher.

Clean Wiper Blades, Too

Don’t forget to clean your wiper blades. Dirt, bug residue and wax can build up on them. Don’t use the same rubber restorer you use on the rest of your car. This solvent will smear on your windshield and is difficult to remove. Spray some glass cleaner onto a towel and apply it to the wiper insert. This will help keep your wiper blades from streaking. In addition, clean around the trim. Roll the windows down and even polish the glass that can’t be seen.

Make Your Glass Shine

Classic Auto Insurance is proud to partner with SONAX to bring their fine products to the attention of our classic car community. Watch our video to see SONAX Glass Cleaner give windows a crystal clear shine. Learn more about the SONAX quality line of car care products at

Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

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