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Just Sold at Auction: Porsche 356 Cabriolet and More!

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Owning a classic vehicle is truly a special experience. Every classic car has a story, and being the owner of one allows you to become a part of that story and preserve it for future generations. These stunning beauties also frequently boast impressive craftsmanship and engineering that are unmatched by modern vehicles. 

Recently, five unforgettable classics sold at Broad Arrow Auctions, and these units display the remarkable artistry and powerhouse specifications that we’ve come to appreciate from breathtaking classic automobiles. These vehicles were a 1965 Porsche 356 C Cabriolet, a 1947 Chrysler Windsor Convertible Coupe, a 1969 Volvo 1800 S, a 1959 Volkswagen Classic, and a 1957 Jaguar Mark VIII. 

porsche 356 cabriolet1965 Porsche 356 C Cabriolet

Porsche produced the 356 C Cabriolet from 1964 to 1965, but the company had been producing its 356 line of sports cars since 1948. The 1965 C Cabriolet is an especially important model because it was the final iteration of the Porsche 356 and was also the last Porsche Cabriolet until 1983. 

To design the 356 C Cabriolet, Porsche improved upon previous 356 Porsche models. They made minor changes to its bodywork and replaced the 356’s drum brakes with high-quality disc brakes. These racing-grade ATE disc brakes greatly improved the car’s driveability. 

After its production, this particular unit remained in Europe until December 2012, when the car was imported into the United States from the Netherlands. Although the car remained in Europe for decades, its original owner was a member of the American Armed Forces stationed in Germany. 

The car received a replacement engine in 1969. It now boasts an SC 1600 cc push-rod engine with a Porsche-developed synchronized transmission, making the car even sportier. 

Additionally, the car received a new paint job and interior style. It originally came with a red finish over a black leather interior but now boasts an eye-catching silver metallic finish over a red leather interior. 

This magnificent classic Porsche sold for an impressive $162,400 along with a digital copy of its Kardex, a digital copy of its Certificate of Authenticity, importation paperwork, digital service records, and a scan of its original Dutch dealership advertisement. 

chrysler windsor convertible1947 Chrysler Windsor Convertible Coupe

The Windsor is an especially important series of cars, as it was Chrysler’s most popular model once the company resumed producing passenger vehicles after World War II. 

One of the defining features of the 1947 Chrysler Windsor Convertible Coupe is its sleek and aerodynamic design. The car has a long hood and a short rear deck, with a low, sweeping profile emphasizing its sporty and elegant character. This particular unit underwent an exceptional restoration years ago that still looks stunning to this day. It now features a Sumac Red finish that makes its exterior all the more breathtaking and helped it bring in $24,640 at the recent auction. 

In addition to its remarkable exterior, the car boasts a gorgeous maroon leather and Highlander plaid interior. 

Drivers and riders can easily lower the convertible top, allowing them to fully experience the thrill of driving in the open air. Additionally, the vehicle seats six comfortably and comes with a heater, making it ideal for transporting your family to a classic car show. 

Like other Windsor units of its day, this 1947 Chrysler comes with a 250.6 cu in “Spitfire” inline six-cylinder engine, ultimately producing 114 horses. The car also comes with optional extras, such as its remote-operated spotlight and fog lights. 

volvo 18001969 Volvo 1800 S

The Volvo 1800 S served as the successor to the Volvo P1800. And like its predecessor, it boasts a steel chassis and a body inspired by the Italian auto stylist Pietro Frua.

Volvo originally partnered with Jensen Motors to produce the P1800 and debuted the stunning car at the Brussels Motor Show in 1960. After facing issues regarding quality control, Volvo parted ways with Jensen and moved production to their Lundby Plant in Gothenburg, Sweden. This was also the moment when Volvo changed the name from P1800 to 1800 S — the “S” stood for Sweden — and equipped it with impressive new upgrades, including an improved engine.

Starting in 1969, Volvo equipped the 1800 S with a new 2.0 L version of the inline-four “B20” engine. The car sent its power to its rear wheels via its four-speed manual transmission, ultimately producing 118 horsepower. It also features 15-inch steel wheels with polished hubcaps and striped whitewall tires as well as chrome-plated bumpers and trim pieces. 

This particular car underwent an extensive restoration and had several of its major mechanical systems rebuilt, including its exhaust system, carburetors, fuel pump, and brake system. Those who restored the car also refinished it in a period-appropriate Volvo Blue color and retrimmed its interior with tan leather. Its cabin also features plush black carpeting, an aluminum dash, blue-dial instrumentation, and a push-button radio, and it sold at auction for $26,500.

1959 volkswagen type 21959 Volkswagen Type 2 Single Cab Transporter

This unusual and eye-catching vehicle is an incredibly unique iteration of the Volkswagen classic. While most associate the Type 2 Volkswagen with the iconic VW Bus that proliferated in the 1960s and 1970s, the VW Transporter pickup is also a Type 2 and debuted in 1952. Additionally, VW unveiled a double-cab version of the Transporter in 1959. 

Although its appearance is distinct from the Type 1 VW Beetle, the Transporter bears mechanical similarities, including its rear-mounted, air-cooled flat-four engine that produces 65 horsepower. 

This particular unit had its engine rebuilt in 2017, and those who restored the vehicle upgraded it with a Pertronix ignition and a stainless steel exhaust. The VW’s engine is now mated to a four-speed manual transmission. 

In addition to its classic engine, the Transporter features a stunning exterior with white bumpers, VW badging, and a Ruby Red finish. It also boasts glimmering 15-inch steel wheels that look especially stylish with the car’s pleasing classic VW paint.

The Transporter features hinged panels on the sides of its truck bed, allowing its owner to use the vehicle as both a pickup truck and a flatbed truck. The truck also features a stunning refinished wooden bed. 

Finally, the Transporter features a comfortable and stylish interior with a reupholstered gray cloth bench seat. This rare find sold for $52,640.

1957 Jaguar Mark1957 Jaguar Mark VIII

Jaguar first introduced their breathtaking Mark VIII at the London Motor Show in 1956. They went on to produce only 6,227 units in the following two years, and with so few units made, the car is an incredibly rare sight to see on the road. 

The Mark VIII that recently sold for $31,360 at auction was powered by Jaguar’s classic “XK” 3.4 L six-cylinder engine and came with a numbers-matching “B-type” cylinder head. The engine is mated to a Borg Warner three-speed automatic transmission with finger-tip control. It has an impressive factory rating of 190 horsepower. 

The Mark VIII also features an eye-catching exterior with its Jaguar sport saloon styling. Some of its fine exterior details include a chrome-plated grille with vertical bars, round headlights, and distinct fenders. This particular unit features a period-appropriate black finish and patina, which look all the more breathtaking along with its red leather interior. The car’s interior also features gorgeous burled walnut wood-trimmed folding tables in the cabin’s backseat. 

In addition to receiving a historic and rare car, the buyer also got their hands on a Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust Certificate, the operator’s handbook, service manual, dealer guide, and a factory tool roll and jack.  

Get the Best Insurance For Your Classic Porsche 356 Cabriolet

Whether you’re driving a 1965 Porsche 356 C Cabriolet, a 1947 Chrysler Windsor, or another classic car, you need the best classic car insurance available to keep your beauty running for many years to come. 

Here at Classic Auto Insurance, we provide flexible policies that we developed to suit our clients’ unique needs. Rather than telling you what your classic car is worth, we’ll work with you to determine its actual value. And if the worst-case scenario happens and you total your vehicle, you’ll receive the full agreed-upon amount minus your deductible. Plus, our policies come with rollover miles, inflation guard, and nationwide roadside assistance with flatbed towing.

Ready to protect your classic car? Call our automotive experts today at 888-901-1338, or you can get an instant quote here.  


***Photos in this blog courtesy of Broad Arrow Auctions. ***

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