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Just Sold at Auction: 1967 Shelby GT500 and More!

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Investing in a classic vehicle gives you a unique opportunity to connect with the rich heritage of the automotive industry. These days, there are plenty of great auction sites to help you track down your next (or first) stunning classic, including Broad Arrow AuctionsRecently, five exceptional cars sold at auction through Broad Arrow Auctions, and these vehicles showcase an array of impressive specs and styles. These cars included a 1967 Shelby GT500 Fastback, a 1958 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, a 1976 Porsche 914, a 1931 Chrysler CG Imperial Seven-Passenger Sedan, and a 1926 Mercedes-Benz 15/70/100 PS. Let’s take a tour of these breathtaking vehicles!

1967 shelby gt5001967 Shelby GT500 Fastback

Famed auto designer Carroll Shelby and his company Shelby American constructed the 1967 Shelby GT500 Fastback in collaboration with Ford. It was a redesign of the original Mustang with a more aggressive appearance and a powerful FE 7.0 L “Police Interceptor” V8 engine that produced 355 bhp at 5,400 rpm. The engine featured 2X4-barrel 600 CFM Holley carburetors as well as an aluminum mid-rise intake. 

The car also sported a louvered hood, inboard driving lights, 10-spoke wheels, a braking system with KH calipers and drums, and a Traction-Lok rear end. It was heavier than the Shelby GT350 but had new fascias, a longer fiberglass hood, and a small hood scoop.

Additionally, the Shelby GT500 had a thin, chrome front bumper, a mesh grille with the Shelby logo, separate high-beam headlamps, and rear brake-cooling scoops.  

The stunning 1967 Shelby GT500 unit that sold on Broad Arrow Auctions featured an incredibly rare original Lime Gold finish over a Parchment interior, and it also boasted the correct-type, powerhouse FE 428 cu-in “Police Interceptor” V8 along with its original four-speed manual transmission. 

The car sold for a whopping $224,000 and came with a Marti Report as well as its ownership history.  

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1958 volkswagen1958 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

Volkswagen unveiled the breathtakingly-unique Karmann Ghia sports car in 1955. Its name derives from the Italian automobile design company Carrozzeria Ghia and the German coachbuilder Karmann. 

The German auto manufacturer combined the Ghia styling and Karmann bodywork with the chassis and some of the specifications of the Volkswagen Beetle. The Volkswagen Karmann Ghia utilized the Beetle’s air-cooled 1192cc engine mated with a manual four-speed transmission and its independent suspension.

With its tremendous style and smooth ride, the car sold exceedingly well in its first year. In fact, Volkswagen sold twice as many as they were projecting with a total of around 10,000 units sold. Volkswagen continued manufacturing this fine model until 1975, ultimately building 486,927 units. 

Karmann Ghias produced before 1960 are incredibly rare and are known as “low light” models because Volkswagen improved upon the car’s headlights in 1960. 

The 1958 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia is a low-light model with a stunning Bamboo finish and a Deep Green top. It’s in phenomenal condition and a previous owner had its mechanicals professionally rebuilt. Plus, the car comes with a period-appropriate Sapphire 1 Radio by Bendix, a minor yet desirable addition. This rare and stunning Volkswagen Karmann Ghia sold for $106,400.

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1976 porsche1976 Porsche 914

Porsche produced their mid-engined sports car from 1969 to 1976, making this unit one of the final cars to roll off the Stuttgart assembly line. The German automaker collaborated with Volkswagen to design, produce, and market two different versions of the car: a Porsche version and a Volkswagen version. 

The companies worked together because Porsche needed a new model to replace its 912 and Volkswagen needed a successor to its Karmann Ghia. The collaboration proved to be a critical success, as the Porsche 914 received the award for Import Car of the Year by Motor Trend

The Porsche version of the 914 was powered by a 2.0 L Type 901/36 F6 engine with two 3-barrel 40 mm Weber carburetors and a single overhead camshaft. The 914 channeled power to its rear wheels via its 5-speed manual transmission and produced 109 horses at 5,800 rpm.  

A lucky buyer was able to walk away with a stunning 1976 Porsche 914 for $44,800, and the vehicle changed hands along with its owner’s manual and maintenance record book. Impressively, the car also came with its ownership history and receipts up until 1997 and only had 16,500 miles listed on its odometer. 

The car boasted a breathtaking Diamond Silver Metallic finish over a Cameo White Leatherette interior. It’s exceptionally preserved and remains an absolutely beautiful classic car after all these years.

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1931 chrysler1931 Chrysler CG Imperial Seven-Passenger Sedan

Chrysler introduced the Imperial as their top-of-the-line model in 1926 with the intent of competing with luxury brands, such as Cadillac and Lincoln. The car came in many different body styles — including a two-door roadster, four-door sedan, two-door coupe, and others — and one of their most impressive body styles was the CG 7-passenger sedan. 

The first generation Imperial featured a 288.6 cu in Chrysler I6 that set a transcontinental speed record in 1926. Chrysler improved upon this remarkable engine with their flathead straight-8. The 1931 CG Imperial came equipped with a 384.4 cu in straight-8 with a Stromberg Model DD-3 carburetor mated to a multi-range 4-speed manual transmission.

Additionally, the Chrysler Imperial’s next generation featured an attractive long straight hood and “torpedo” styling, both of which look especially eye-catching on the CG 7-passenger sedan. 

The unit that recently sold at auction is an incredibly well-preserved early example of the luxurious CG Imperial. The luxury car displays impressive coachwork and underwent an excellent restoration carried out by LaVine Restorations in Nappanee, Indiana. 

This rarity features a breathtaking black and gray finish that perfectly suits its luxurious body style. It’s considered a Full Classic by the Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) and sold for $90,000. 

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1926 mercedes benz1926 Mercedes-Benz 15/70/100 PS

DMG released the Mercedes 15/70/100 PS in 1924. The “15” refers to the car’s tax horsepower, and the “70” and “100” refer to the car’s metric horsepower output according to the German automaker. 

The car sported a 3,920 cc inline six-cylinder engine with a switchable supercharger, called a “Kompressor” in German. Drivers could switch between 70 PS (69 hp) and 100 PS (99 hp) at 3,100 revolutions per minute, achieving a top speed of 65 or 70 mph, depending on the Kompressor setting. This impressive engine also came with an overhead camshaft, an incredibly unique feature at the time.

The Mercedes sent power to its rear wheels through a four-speed manual transmission and a multi-plate dry disc clutch called a “Mehrscheiben-Trockenkupplung.” 

The car that was recently sold at auction was created in the first year in which the Daimler and Benz & Cie merger went into effect, and the merged company renamed the car from the Mercedes to the Mercedes-Benz. 

The car has an incredibly rich history, as its first owner was the Finance Ministry in Japan. Astonishingly, the car was a “barn find” and still has its original engine and chassis. Plus, it features a stunning dark teal finish that goes perfectly with its classic Mercedes-Benz styling. This rare find is truly stunning and sold for $50,400.

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