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Episode 2 – Let’s Tear This C10 Down

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Episode 2 – Rick Drewry, Drew Yagodnik and Project C10 crew members Justin Wynn and Rob Baker strip everything off our ‘65 Chevy C10 truck, then tag and bag the parts for blasting. Not everything wants to cooperate – removing the makeshift truck bed requires generous amounts of elbow grease to get ’er done.

Episode 2 – Video Transcript

Rick Drewry: Our main goal today is to completely gut the truck and bag and tag everything (religiously), so we’ve got everything marked. Lift it off, put it on the rotisserie, the bed off, put it on a cart. Tear everything down. The frame will have a rolling chassis, pull the engine trannie, rear end and suspension off it. This is really the entry level of doing a restoration. Ready to get at it?

Drew Yagodnik: Let’s do it, man, I’m excited about it. Let’s go.

Rick Drewry: Got all the gauges, knobs, everything out. The cigarette lighter is frozen which means I must unbolt the steering column to give it enough room to get it out. One of those things, you’ve gotta deal with.

Rick Drewry: Alright, here’s where we’re at so far. We’ve torn apart the front end, took the complete doghouse off. The interior is completely gutted. Anything that went through the firewall, we’ve basically taken out. They’re in the process of unbolting, it seems like 100 bolts that are holding the bed down on a makeshift floor that was in there. Next up, we’re going to pull the glass, we’re going to lift the cab off the frame, and we’re going to lift the bed off the frame. Get them on a rotisserie and a cart so we can get them ready for blasting.

Rob Baker: We clamped off the fuel line at the tank and the line is going up the frame-rail, we’re going to put a new line anyway, so you might as well clamp this one and cut and make it easier to take the tank out. Just yesterday, the crew could have driven the truck out of the building. Now, not so much. All the parts are in separate rooms.

Rick Drewry: So, we’ve got this all spread out over here at the training center, next week we blast, get it down to bare metal and then the real fun begins.

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