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Episode 22 – Project C10 Chevy Truck Reveal at American Modern Headquarters

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Here’s What’s Next on Project C10

Episode 22 – After two and half years of hard work, American Modern’s Rick Drewry and Classic Auto’s Drew Yagodnik introduce our shining white and red 1965 Chevy C10 Truck to employees and fans of American Modern Insurance, our policy underwriter and great partner on Project C10. “The fact they did a restomod on a truck is cool,” one fan tells us, “because trucks are like puppies. They’re just so friendly and fun.” Without further ado, meet the Chevy C10 Restomod, star of Project C10, powered by American Modern.

Episode 22 – Video Transcript

Rick Drewry: Okay, could I have everybody’s attention please. I wanted to say a few words. A lot of you did not really know what we were doing with building this truck. Just to give you a quick story, this happened about three years ago, Drew?

Drew Yagodnik: Yeah.

Rick: Yeah, about three years ago, we were working a show with Ami G. in Indianapolis (American Modern’s rebuild of a 1965 Chevy Malibu SS) and a guy who had a show truck right across from our booth, he said, “You know, I’ve got a truck for sale. A ’65 truck.” And Drew’s the one who jumped all over that. It’s seen better days, we found out later. And we decided at that point to pitch the idea of building a truck the same way we did with Ami G.

Rick: Drew Yagodnik, if you don’t know who he is, runs Classic Auto Insurance and with their partnership he basically funded this project, supplied a lot of the editing and everything for the videos. So if you haven’t seen the videos, please check them out at

He wanted something that he can drive all over the place anytime he wants. So we’ve got a truck that has overdrive transmission, power windows, power brakes, power steering, air conditioning. Kush. So what we did was, Drew’s people came in and worked with us as well. And I want to thank all the guys from our (AM) Claims team. We don’t have all the fancy equipment. We just have a lot of people that worked hard, had common sense, and we had ability to get things done.

Drew: We wanted to be able to take this truck to shows and become more part of the community. Right? You can go to anything with a 10 by 10 booth, but you only have 10 feet to get somebody in. But if you bring a classic, we have the conversation about this partnership that we have, it just commands much more respect when we’re trying to sell a policy. So, that’s really the big intent behind this. And I think that’s how we were able to get this green lit.

So I’m happy that everyone’s here that you guys are going to be able see this. Thanks to Rick. Thanks to everybody here. Thanks for coming out. And let’s check it out.

Rick:   All right.

1965 Chevy C10 Restomod Reveal – Fan Comments

Announcer: It was a lot of hard work to go into this. So as they unveil it, let’s make some noise. Here it is … All right, awesome job guys. Feel free to stick around and take pictures. We’re going to have some video going, music playing…

Fan #1: I specifically like the overall pink color and style of the truck. Putting the trim back on in the Ferrari red color.

Fan #2: The truck is just blazing in the sunlight. The fact they did a restomod on a truck is cool because trucks are like, they’re like puppies. They’re just so friendly and fun.

Fan #3: I mean it looks great. I mean, really there isn’t anything I would change the way it turned out. I mean it all just kind of works together really nice.

Fan #4: Pretty cool. That build’s great. They did a lot of hard work on it. We actually underwrite, so I would definitely consider this above and beyond electric car.

What Do You Think?

Drew: All right, this is Drew, Project C10 and we are here at the headquarters of American Modern Insurance and here with Rick who you are all familiar with from this series. Today we actually unveiled the truck to the employees and it’s been a long time coming. We had a great crowd here. What do you think?

Rick: I thought it was awesome. We had probably a couple hundred people minimum and the reaction was overwhelming. And the good thing is the weather held out for us.

Drew: Right.

Rick: The sun popped out, which makes a huge difference with this truck. It almost glows when the sun hits it. So I think it’s a long time coming, I feel great that we’re done and in a way sad that we’re done. But I think we’ve got something we’re proud of and we can show off, have a good time with. And I think people out there going to really like it.

Drew: Well, we think it was important for the employees to see it and to understand the partnership that we’re working together here. And really trying to continue to be a part of the car community. We also brought Ami G. out. We’ve got a bunch of employees’ cars that are in the background here. Just a really cool day, especially given the two and a half years that we’ve been working on this to finally show it off. It’s been awesome and I know that your guys had a great time. We learned a lot from each other.

Rick: I mean that was the key is working hand in hand, the adjusters, myself with your agents. That was the key thing, the whole thing. It was just our partnership working together to get something like this built. You don’t see that every day.

Drew: Right.

Rick: So I think, like you said, we didn’t hodgepodge it. We built something pretty darn good and it’s something that all of us are proud of that had a hand in it.

Drew: Super excited. Thanks for everything that you did. Thanks to everyone at American Modern for their support.

There’s Definitely More to Come

Drew: We’ve got the local rollout, the national rollout. We also did a photo shoot a few weeks ago with (automotive photographer) Ross Tyler and we’ll have that coming up so we definitely have more planned on this, so stay tuned. More to come.

Announcer: Thanks everyone for coming out.

Legacy of Classic Auto Insurance

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