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Episode 21 – Behind The Scenes with Photographer Ross Tyler

Here’s What’s Next on Project C10

Episode 21 – Classic Auto’s Drew Yagodnik and Project C10’s Rick Drewry are on location around Indianapolis, Indiana with noted photographer Anthony Ross Tyler, who’s snapping outrageous pictures of our good-looking 1965 Chevy C10 restomod. Even though Mother Nature decides to rain on us, Ross uses his brilliant technique to tell the story of this 54-year-old truck with a renewed lease on life surrounded by classic, iconic imagery.

Episode 21 – Video Transcript

Drew Yagodnik: This is Drew with Project C10. I’m here with our guy, Rick Drewry, and we’re here on location doing a photo shoot with Ross Tyler. And so, we’re here a little bit outside of Indianapolis on just an amazing property. I mean, this was built for this photo shoot, I think.

Rick Drewry: Yeah. We like it.

Drew: So, a good friend of ours said, ‘You need to come here and shoot.’ And this garage is just fantastic. So, Rick brought the truck. We’re in the testing mode, you know, trying to work out some of the bugs from being done for a few weeks, and we’ve already, honestly, discovered a few things within literally 10 minutes of getting it off the trailer.

Rick: We’ve got just a small coolant leak coming out from the lower radiator hose where it mounts to the water pump. It’s an easy fix.

Protect Paint Job Inside the Engine Block

Rick: We actually have a very small brake line leak where it’s attached to the master cell. And the only bad part about that part was it dripped down onto the paint on the inner fender and its bubbling the paint. So, I’m going to have to actually do a little spot job paint on the inner fender. Not a big deal. Might even put some Chip Guard, or something like it, there on the insides -any way to protect from the heat. So, it’s little things that you go through, especially when you’ve got more than one hand in there. So, you’ve got a bunch of hands in there and double checking, triple checking everything. It’ll all work out.

Chip Guard is an acrylic coating that protects lower panels from impact, chipping and abrasion. Made by 71-year-old American company SEM, it’s part of a product line that helps reduce repair times and waster while offering best-in-class protection for the automotive, aerospace, marine and industrial markets.

More Amazing Indiana Photo Shoot Locations

Drew: We’re super excited. So, you know, the photo shoot, we’re going to probably use these images for a lot of our marketing going forward, social media calendars, that type of thing. So, we’re off to another location after this that we think is going to be super cool background with the truck. And so, we got definitely more to come. Stay tuned.

Drew: All right. We’re back here with Project C10. We just finished up on location at our first property for the truck photo shoot with Ross Tyler. And in a couple of minutes we’re going to head to the next one, which we think is going to be really another fantastic photo. I mean, it’s the oldest barn in this county. A sweet backdrop. So, stay tuned.

How The Photo Shoot Comes Together

Ross Tyler: I’m Anthony Ross Tyler, everybody calls me Ross. And this is Pavel, and I never say your last name right.

Pavel Dimitrov: Dimitrov.

Ross: Dimitrov. There we go. Pavel came down from Chicago. He’s a light assistant and I’m a photographer. And so, we’re shooting this Classic Auto Insurance C10, and the challenge was to tell a story with a truck, not just to shoot it in an environment where the truck was just kind of sold out.

So, we did some shots yesterday in an empty warehouse, but this C10 needed something a bit more particular. And Mother Nature decided instead of giving us a great sunset day that she was going to rain today. And so, we were in a bit of a of a rush to try and make that happen. And using lighting creatively, we’re able to actually underexpose the shots and light the vehicle, light the environment, actually using one of the lights to hide behind the trees to cause the leaves in the tree to illuminate, and the truck, and so forth, to give us the sense of light coming from location. And we’re able to edit a shot in post by using … I guess it would probably be somewhere in the range of, in this case, 20 to maybe 25 different exposures with different lighting setups, different cameras set-ups that you then blend together with Frankenstein and Photoshop, to create what that final image will feel like. All the shots are going to feel dark and kind of stormy to a degree, but they’re gonna light up and that truck’s going to have this … old truck with a new spin in old environments. And that really will tell a story, not just be a photo.

Drew: All right. So, we’re at final location of the photo shoot with Ross Tyler, and as you can kind of tell, we ran into rain, and we were rushing, rushing, rushing. And so, we had to drive a few miles to get to this location, which is super awesome. And Ross and his crew, they were moving, you know? We knew that this weather wasn’t gonna stop, but I think you’re gonna see some really awesome photos at the end of this, so stay tuned. Appreciate it.

The Work of Anthony Ross Tyler

Ross is a noted commercial and fine art automotive photographer, video/film creator and colorist based in Nashville, Tennessee. “I shoot for commercial clients, my portfolio, private clients and their rides,” he says. For the past two years Ross has teamed up with the folks at Artomobilia Weekend to create a series of ultra-high-quality images any automotive enthusiast would love to have hanging in their garages that illustrate the unique lineage of the Ford GT and the Lamborghini V-12’s. 

Legacy of Classic Auto Insurance

Classic Automobile Insurance Agency is a family business built on a love of classic cars. We take every opportunity to give back to fellow classic and collector car enthusiasts by sponsoring events such as Carmel Artomobilia and Fuelicious, attending classic car events throughout the Midwest to document owners’ stories of their dream cars, partnering with like-minded companies and organizations to better serve our customers and bringing you unique learning opportunities like Project C10, powered by American Modern. Having owned a variety of collectibles ourselves, we understand your unique needs as the owner of a prized vehicle. Its age, rarity, value, unique features, limited use, availability of parts and services and popularity across generations require special protection. Whether you bought it at auction, drove it off the lot or restored it to perfection in your garage, we will build you a personal auto insurance program designed specifically for owners of collectible cars, and provide support when claim time comes. Call 888-901-1338 or get an instant quote online and see how we can help safeguard your dream car.

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