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Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

Quiz Your Classic Car Knowledge & Challenge Your Friends [Infographic]

do you know your classic car emblems
Test Your Knowledge with Our Fun Quiz

Are you a true classic car lover? Well, we have a test for you! Can you match these 10 classic car emblems with the right car company? We’ve given you hints to help (we’ve also given you the answers – no peeking!). Share this quiz with your fellow car buffs and challenge them to beat your score!

First Came Hood Ornaments

In the early years, car makers put decorative hood ornaments on their creations to proudly identify themselves as the manufacturer (and to camouflage the radiator cap). The Spirit of Ecstasy for Rolls-Royce and the Flying B for Bentley are two great examples of these elaborate bonnet toppers. Over time, hood ornaments evolved into subtler displays of the trademarks, logos and emblems we know today.

The Big 3 Logos

Everyone is familiar with the emblems for the Big 3 American automakers (the Chevy bowtie, the Ford blue oval and the GM blue square). Many classic cars have emblems as unique as the cars themselves. How companies decide on their logo designs often leads to some interesting stories.

Gods and Beasts

Many car companies use mythological beasts (the Griffin on the Vauxhall logo) or symbols (Neptune’s trident used by Maserati) as a statement that they possess the power and cunning to design these fantastic cars. Maserati’s iconic pitchfork logo is inspired by the Fountain of Neptune in Bologna’s Piazza Maggiore, which symbolizes the strength and vigor associated with the Roman god of the sea.

Family Names and Heroes Inspire Emblem Designs

Bugatti keeps it simple by using the initials of the company’s founder (EB for Ettore Bugatti) while companies like Packard use intricate family crests. The winged logo for Hispano-Suiza has elements taken from a French WWI flying ace’s Hispano-Suiza plane to highlight its production of both cars and aircraft.

A Glimpse of an Auto’s History

Some emblems are reminders of the manufacturer’s long history. The four silver rings that adorn Audi vehicles represents the four original companies (Audi, DKW, Horch, and Wanderer) that came together in 1932 to form the parent company, Auto Union AG. The BMW logo with its spinning white propellers on a blue sky background symbolizes the company’s early production of airplanes. Some emblems clearly state the company’s name while others are complex designs that weave a story about the company and their cars. Many are enameled works of art and highly collectible by classic car enthusiasts. At your next show, look closer at the emblems on the cars being displayed. They aren’t just chromed company logos but historical clues for us to use to discover our rich automotive heritage.

Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

Collectors appreciate the history behind their cars and the companies that made them, which is why having an insurance company that understands what collectors appreciate is important. Let Classic Auto Insurance provide you with a customizable policy to match your individual needs. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can answer all your questions and find the right coverage for your vehicle. Visit our website at and see how we can help safeguard your dream car.
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