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DIY Garages – Every Car Lover’s Zen Moment

Becoming One with Your Car

In America, we love our cars. They are a part of the family. We depend on our cars to not only get us where we need to go but to help us escape from the everyday grind. That’s why we take pride in keeping them running and looking their best. Whether you are rebuilding a classic or working on the family car, doing the work yourself is an extremely satisfying experience. Some car enthusiasts also have a greater sense of pride simply because they do the work themselves.

Ask any enthusiast and they will tell you that when they work on their car they don’t know where the time goes. That’s because getting your hands dirty while doing the work yourself is every car lover’s Zen moment. It is when you become one with your ride. Certainly, DIY is also about saving money on repair costs.

DIY Garage Indy Is A Haven For Car Enthusiasts
(Photo courtesy of DIY Garage)

The Perfect Place to Go

The challenge for many do-it-yourselfers is finding a place to work on their cars without having to worry about safety or the potential concerns of neighbors. Changing your oil should not involve having to first clean out the garage. This is why local DIY garages are the perfect place for a car lover to indulge their need to “tinker” on their vehicles. It is a place where you can bring your car, work on what needs to be done, and leave. No more rushing to change your oil between rain showers. The DIY garage has everything you need all in one place and without any hassle.

DIY Garage Indy Is A Haven For Car Enthusiasts
(Photo courtesy of DIY Garage Indy)

Indy’s DIY Garage – Where You Can “Do it Right, Do it Yourself”

We spoke recently to Tyler Griffin, owner/operator of Indy’s DIY Garage, and asked him the reasons behind his opening this type of facility. After realizing there was nowhere a do-it-yourselfer could go in the Indianapolis area to safely work on their car or to have access to the correct tools needed for the job, he opened DIY Garage. “Opening DIY Garage gave me the opportunity to fulfill a need in the community, while exploring my passion for automobiles and helping others in the process,” he tells us. For Tyler, it is all about his love of cars and being around others who share his enthusiasm for doing the repair work themselves.

DIY Garage Indy Is A Haven For Car Enthusiasts
(Photo courtesy of DIY Garage)

Clients Find a DIY Garage Home in Indianapolis

Gearheads in the Indianapolis area can now rejoice over having the perfect space in which to work, thanks to DIY Garage. There they can rent lifts or flat bays on an hourly or daily basis and have access to the necessary tools and equipment needed for whatever job they want to do. DIY Garage is even willing to work with customers on projects that may need extended time to complete.

DIY Garage Indy Is A Haven For Car Enthusiasts
(Photo courtesy of DIY Garage)

DIY Garage Indy Is A Haven For Car Enthusiasts
(Photo courtesy of DIY Garage)

Getting a Head Start with a DIY Garage

This garage is not just for the average car enthusiast. Tyler also offers space to commercial customers. A portion of the shop is dedicated to commercial rental. Small businesses that are just getting off the ground, like a detailing service, a vinyl wrap specialist and a mobile tint company, have found a home at DIY Garage.

DIY Garage Indy Is A Haven For Car Enthusiasts
(Photo courtesy of DIY Garage)

Building a Community One Oil Change at a Time

Whether a person is new to car repairs or is a seasoned professional, customers at DIY Garage know that Tyler is available to help when needed. “If a customer gets in over their head on a job and I can’t figure out, there are always skilled mechanics in the shop to help address any tough problem.” Indy’s DIY Garage is truly a community of car lovers who want to share their knowledge and skill with others.

DIY Garage Indy Is A Haven For Car Enthusiasts
(Photo courtesy of

Do Your Homework or Don’t Do It

Starting a business today can be a challenge, one that Tyler Griffin understands all too well. Like many DIY garage owners, he has had to contend with the high cost of insurance needed for his business. Liability insurance can be a large chunk of the operating costs for a business like his. Combined with the long hours, Tyler suggests that anyone wanting to open a DIY garage do their homework first. “I would encourage anybody looking to open a DIY garage to heavily look into insurance options before making any decisions.”

DIY Garage Indy Is A Haven For Car Enthusiasts
(Photo courtesy of DIY Garage Indy)

Where Car Lovers Bond

Starting a new business may be daunting, but maintaining it is even harder. Building a loyal customer base is essential. One way to achieve this is by providing superior customer service. The folks that use Indy’s DIY Garage know that if they need help, all they have to do is ask. This is a facility where car lovers bond and where they help each other with their repair problems. “Outside of providing quality tools and equipment, the reason our customers become lifelong DIY’ers is because of the customer experience we provide here,” Tyler says. Seems he and DIY Garage know what they’re doing. Leave it to a car enthusiast to prove that if you want it done right then you have to do it yourself (preferably in one of the service bays at DIY Garage).

DIY Garage Indy Is A Haven For Car Enthusiasts
(Photo courtesy of DIY Garage Indy)

DIY Garages

Still curious about DIY garages and what they offer? Check out one of our other article, The Wonderful World of DIY Garages.

Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

Like the folks at Indy’s DIY Garage, the friendly staff at Classic Auto Insurance is ready to help you find the right insurance policy for your needs. Visit our website at and see how we can help safeguard your dream car.

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