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Coverage and Claims: Answers from Rick Drewry

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Vintage & Classic Car Insurance Claims Process & Coverage Questions

A couple of weeks ago, we highlighted some great tips from our Collector Car and Motorcycle Senior Specialist, Rick Drewry, on how to protect your classic car during show season. We’re back with more from our interview with Rick, sharing information with you on the types of coverage we offer, as well as what our claims process looks like.

Classic Auto Insurance not only offers customizable plans that are tailored to each car owner’s needs, but the coverage we offer is dependable and thorough. According to Rick, “if you’re in the paddock, you’re transporting your car in the trailer to and from the race track to home, you can get coverage for that…you can drive it all you want…we’re looking for people who treat their cars like true classic cars and want to baby them.” There is no place our coverage won’t take you, except for the racetrack, because of the extremely high risk involved with racing.

The claims process with Classic Auto is a bit different than with a typical car insurance company, strictly because we want the absolute best for our clients and their quality collections. When your classic car is in an accident, you can’t just run to the local body shop and have them fix it right up; most body shops aren’t equipped to deal with older parts, and most mechanics and technicians are not trained to handle older cars. We want you heavily involved with all the choices for the repairs being made to your car. In fact, we want you to choose the body shop you are most comfortable with handling the repairs, no matter what the cost difference may be. Our coverage guarantees you will get the repairs you want, even if it takes longer or you have to travel further.

According to Rick, people “sometimes drive one hundred miles or more to take their car…because they know it’s going to be fixed the way they want it fixed.” That is our goal, to give you the quality repair job that you had when you originally built or restored the car.

As a result of the thorough repairs and quality process we offer, making a claim is not always a speedy process. Sometimes it involves lengthy part searches, and sometimes it involves the transport of a car, or a highly detailed and time consuming repair. No matter what type of repair your car needs, Classic Auto will be with you and will be a liaison for you through the entire process. Occasionally, we even have clients who want to make the repairs themselves, and we welcome that ingenuity and attention to detail! Rick told us, “If I have a claim, I’m going to repair it myself. I’ve built all my cars, so you need to pay me, at least compensate me for all the time and effort I’m going to put in.” Classic Auto will actually work with individual clients to work out labor rates and repair costs for anyone who wants to make the repairs themselves.

If you have more questions about our claims process, we have dedicated customer service representatives who would be thrilled to talk with you and answer any questions you may have. Call us today at 888-901-1338 to get an instant classic car insurance quote on any vintage car, or to talk directly with someone who can answer your questions.

About the Author

 is Vice President of Classic Automobile Insurance Agency, Inc. Classic Automobile Insurance Agency has been protecting collector, classic and exotics since 1992.

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