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Classic Spotlight: 1991 Callaway Twin-Turbo

Callaway cars are known for their unique style and powerful speed performance. The company produced numerous iconic models that have left a significant impact on automotive history. One such vehicle that left its mark is the 1991 Callaway Twin-Turbo. With a notable style, aerodynamic options, and a twin-turbo engine that offered a ridiculous amount of horsepower, the 1991 Callaway Twin-Turbo is respectable, to say the least.

The History of the Callaway Twin-Turbo

Callaway Cars Inc. was founded in 1977 and is a private company. After having success creating turbocharger kits, the founder Reeves Callaway was commissioned to develop an engine for Alfa Romeo. 

The engine designed for Alfa Romeo laid the groundwork for the Callaway Twin-Turbo. The Twin-Turbo came to be after Chevrolet was in the process of testing the vehicles of rival companies. Chevrolet was so impressed by Callaway’s twin-turbo GTV6 Alfa Romeo engine during test drives that they decided to collaborate with Callaway to create a powerful Corvette. 

The Callaway Twin-Turbo was originally released in 1987. Callaway and Chevrolet only produced 508 Twin-Turbos from 1986 to 1991. The 1991 iteration of the Twin-Turbo came with the B2K engine option. Callaway and Chevrolet greatly enhanced the vehicle’s horsepower and swapped the automatic transmission with a 6-speed manual transmission. The 1991 iteration came with a whopping 450 horsepower. It also came in various styles including the Aerobody coupe, standard coupe, Aerobody convertible, and standard convertible. The Aerobody iteration of the Callaway came equipped with an external horoscope that channeled airflow to two intercoolers. This enhanced the aerodynamics of the vehicle and improved its overall speed and performance. 

Callaway presented a speedster version of the Twin-Turbo at the Los Angeles Auto Show in 1991. The model was designed by Paul Deutschman and channeled classic speedsters while also incorporating a contemporary style. The speedster version was a green ZR1 with a chopped windscreen, 18-inch wheels, no side mirror, and a blue leather interior. 

1991 Callaway Twin-Turbo Specifications 

The 1991 Callaway Twin-Turbo came equipped with exceptional specifications that gave it a quality speed performance. It featured a 350 cubic-inch twin-turbo V8. It boasted 403 horsepower with 575 pounds of torque. With its exceptional dual-engine, the aerodynamic iteration of the vehicle could reach speeds of up to 191 miles per hour. 

The 1991 Callaway has a six-speed transmission and front and rear suspension. The front suspension uses unequal-length control arms with a transverse leaf spring. The rear suspension uses upper and lower trailing arms with an anti-roll bar and transverse leaf spring. The speedster iteration of the 1991 Callaway Twin-Turbo came with suspensions featuring coilover and adjustable shocks. Additionally, it has a rack and pinion steering. 

The wheelbase is 96.2 inches. The vehicle has a length of 176.5 inches and a width of 71 inches. Its height is 46.7 inches, and the car weighs 3,600 pounds. 

Premium Insurance on Classics like the 1991 Callaway Twin-Turbo

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