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The Glamour Lifeā€¦ Chevy Trucks from 1967-72

Make Mine a Classic Please!

Sitting at a stop light you find yourself behind a beautiful brand new Chevrolet pickup truck. It is all shiny and new and looks like a luxury liner on four wheels - just imagine all the bells and whistles it possesses. From onboard navigation to heated seats, this behemoth has it all. So while you wait for the world’s longest light to turn, you ponder the evolution of the great American pickup. What kind of truck would you wish for? Since “classic” is the name of the game, chose one from a group of trucks that many car collectors refer to as “Glamour Pickups”.


1967 to 1972 Classic Chevy Trucks For Collector Car Enthusiasts
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The 1967 Chevy C-10

Produced by Chevrolet and GMC from 1967 to 1972, these trucks are what led the way for today’s personal truck. Thousands were produced and today their appeal has not waned. The modern, streamlined design and improved drivability make these trucks extremely popular. Take for example this fully restored 1967 Chevy C-10 recently available from Elite Autos in Jonesboro, AR. This beautiful truck and many other classic cars can found on their website,

1967 to 1972 Classic Chevy Trucks For Collector Car Enthusiasts
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The New Family Car

Until these Glamour Pickups come along the truck is primarily a utilitarian vehicle. No one would have thought of it as a “personal vehicle,” which is why Chevrolet decided to change their sales strategy. As their advertisements state, these trucks are “a new concept in personalized pickups,” positioning them as the next family car.

Let’s Go Camping

No longer do care owners use trucks just for work. These lovelies could play, too. With the RV experience taking the U.S. by storm in the late 60’s and early 70’s, the popular choice of a vehicle to pull those campers is a truck. Americans start hitting the road in the family truck with camper tops attached or being pulled behind. Consumers want comfortable interiors and increased power to help them on their family adventures. In 1968 sales for trucks with V8 engines out-sell the V6 models for the first time. Chevy soon realizes that the family truck needs to do it all.

1967 to 1972 Classic Chevy Trucks For Collector Car Enthusiasts
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Bring on the Comfort

Chevy wants to appeal to the fashion sense and practicality of its potential owners. So they retool their design by lowering the cab height for easier entry. They start paying more attention to creature comforts like wall to wall carpeting, air conditioning, and bucket seats with a center storage console. These are items that are unheard of in trucks at the time. New features like a coil spring trailing arm rear suspension for an improved ride and new body sheet metal to battle rust become the norm. The pickup box is redesigned with double walled steel and come in a number of different lengths.

1967 to 1972 Classic Chevy Trucks For Collector Car Enthusiasts
(Photo courtesy of

It’s All in the Design

There are three generations of Glamour pickups. Each consists of two model years and has distinct design changes associated with them. The 1967/68 model years have a sleeker feel to the body shape and a sloped hood. Its open grill front is a good give away as to what model year truck you are looking at. Early in the production of the 1967 model Chevy offers an option to have a small rear window. Designer Harry Bentley Bradley adds the small rear window to give the truck a “coupe quality,” but the demand just isn’t there, so it is discontinued by the time the ’68 models comes out.

1967 to 1972 Classic Chevy Trucks For Collector Car Enthusiasts
(Photo courtesy of

No Delicate Trucks Here

Chevy executives decide the ‘67/68 truck designs are too “delicate” looking, so they beef up the appearance of the pickups over the next four years. The 1969/70 models offer a higher hood, which gives the truck a more blunt look, along with a shiny grill. The 1971/72 truck models introduce the egg crate design on the grill and offer additional trim packages. In 1972 Chevy adds front disc brakes as a standard feature on all its light duty trucks.


1967 to 1972 Classic Chevy Trucks For Collector Car Enthusiasts
(Photo courtesy of

If you have a passion for the classics, a Glamour pickup may suit you just fine. Besides, you probably don’t need onboard GPS. Why? Because you know the way home.

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