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Chevy Camaro – 50 Years and Counting for an American Icon

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Happy 50th Birthday, Camaro!

2017 is going to be a banner year for the Chevy Camaro. The legendary muscle car is turning the big 5-0 and Chevy is pulling out all the stops! The soon to be released 50th Anniversary Edition Camaro is sure to be a collector favorite.

Orders for the 50th Anniversary Edition Camaro Start Soon

Only available in Nightfall Gray metallic with an orange stripe on the hood and trunk, the commemorative roadster screams “muscle car”. Whether you choose a coupe or convertible, V6 or V8, you’d better be ready to make your selection soon because orders start this summer.

One of America’s Longest Running Nameplates

Special anniversary badges are liberally sprinkled inside and out on this menacing muscle car. From the center caps on the 20 inch wheels to the front and back fenders, Chevy is clearly proud of one of America’s longest running nameplates.

Camaro Stands for “Pony-eater”

Black and gray are the colors of the day for this monster, with pops of orange showing up on the brake calipers and interior stitching. Leather and suede cover the cockpit in buttery softness, a stark contrast to the ominous visage outside. This car is clearly a “pony-eater”.

Built to Beat the Mustang

When it was first introduced on September 26, 1967, the Camaro was already two years behind the Ford Mustang in sales and popularity but it quickly caught up. Built with the singular purpose of beating the Mustang in every possible way, Chevy sold 220,906 Camaros in the first year alone. The pony war was on!

Race Ready Right Out of the Showroom

There is no mistaking Camaro’s mark on the American auto industry. Together with the Ford Mustang, U.S muscle cars dominated the market for years. Fast, powerful and the epitome of cool, everyone wanted a Camaro. In 1967 Chevy offered the Z/28 Special Performance Package with a 302 cubic inch V8 engine (certified SCCA race legal) as a way to counter Mustang’s racing efforts. Only 609 of these rare race ready cars were sold.

Glory Days of Big Engines Disappear

Camaro sales reached an all-time high in 1979 with 282,571 sold but with the onset of EPA emissions regulations, the era of the muscle car was drawing to a close. To comply with restrictions Chevy introduced the anemic 2.5L 4-cylinder engine in 1982 nicknamed the “Iron Duke” which produced an unfortunate 90hp. The glory days of the muscle car were dimming.

A Movie Transforms (and Saves) the Camaro

After 35 years of continuous production, lagging sales briefly brought an end to the Camaro in 2002. The muscle car faithful would not be silenced, prompting Chevy to re-introduce a modern, beefed up 5th generation version in 2010 as a tie-in to the movie Transformers. Thankfully, Hollywood saved the muscle car.

Camaro Tops Mustang Sales 5 Straight Years

Since its re-launch Camaro sales have topped 500,000 cars, outpacing Ford Mustang sales 5 straight years. But the pony car wars are still going strong, Mustang sales surged with the release of their 50th anniversary redesign. Only time will tell if the Camaro commemorative edition will keep their winning sales streak alive.

Will Camaro Keep Its Sales Record?

It will be close but Chevy should keep the sales title again this year. The 2016 (6th generation) Camaro is Motor Trend Magazine’s Car of the Year and with ordering for the 50th Anniversary edition about to start, the king won’t be giving up his crown just yet.

Let the Celebration Begin!

Granted the official 50th anniversary date isn’t until next year but Chevy can’t contain its enthusiasm (who can blame them?). So blow up the balloons, crank up the music and bring on the cake, Camaro is ready to flex its party muscles during this golden anniversary.

Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

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