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Car Covers: Tips and Tricks

Collector Car Protection With Car Covers and Classic Car Insurance

Even for collector cars stored in garages, dust, rodents, and dry rot can all affect a vehicle, and protecting a car with a secure cover is another way to help prevent these things from causing damage to your classic.

So how do you choose the cover that is right for you, your climate, and your car? Here are a few tips from Classic Auto to think about before you purchase a new car cover:
  • Purchase a cover made from breathable materials. If you get a cover made from heavier materials, they may hold water and keep it trapped up against your vehicle.
  • Find a cover that offers UV protection. If your car will be sitting outside, consider a cover that provides protection from the sun’s rays. This type of protection will keep your paint job in better condition.
  • Consider investing money in a fitted car cover. A fitted cover will offer customized protection for your car, rather than a loose-laying cover that may still allow elements underneath and cause damage to your car.
  • If your car will be stored indoors, purchase a cotton cover that isn’t waterproof, as the main objective will be to protect from dust.

What kind of cover do you use to protect your collector car? Do you find certain materials or brands work better for your type of car? Of course, the best way to protect your vehicle is to insure it with Classic Auto Insurance! Give one of our representatives a call today for a free, instant classic car insurance quote, and find out more about our customizable, agreed value policies! You can reach us at 888-901-1338.
Posted: 11/7/2014 9:00:00 AM with 1 comments

Every one has a dream to buy a car.But the car owner would want to protect their car, which they bought out of huge investment in good condition. No matter you have a garage or going to park your car outdoor, some protections is required if you want to save your expensive vehicle.Usage of car cover for your own car can meet your expectations.
4/5/2017 5:08:30 AM
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