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6 Classic Cars That Are Still Being Made Today

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One of the coolest things about classic cars is that collectors and auto enthusiasts get to witness their evolution throughout the years. It’s fascinating to see how long-standing automobile models change their design throughout the years while retaining the signature look and feel.

Any car collector can appreciate a car’s lineage and history. And what better way to appreciate that history than by driving a classic? At Classic Auto, we insure a range of classic and collector cars to make sure they’re properly protected while on the road and in garage storage. But we’re car enthusiasts too, and we love learning more about what’s in everyone’s garage. Perhaps you own a classic that’s still in production today? Here’s a shortlist of some of our favorite classic cars still being made today.

Chevrolet Corvette (1953 – Present)

The Corvette is an American icon. General Motors created an instant classic when the first batch of 300 Corvettes were built in Flint, Michigan. Originally designed as a show car, the original Corvette’s 4.3-litre V8 engine made it a high-performance sports car. Currently, the C8 is the eighth iteration in the Corvette line, delivering a powerful mid-engine model that’s striking in every way.

Mercedes-Benz SL (1954 – Present)

The SL, or Sport Lightweight, was designed as a racing sports car made for performance. Throughout the years, the car didn’t disappoint. Created as a toned-down Grand Prix car geared toward affluent enthusiasts, the SL is one of the longest-running sports cars ever created. Today, the car boasts a powerful 6-litre V12 engine, meaning it lives up to its reputation for speed and performance.

Porsche 911 (1963 – Present)

The Porsche 911 is to some the quintessential Porsche. It’s the only model with a direct link to the original Porsche 356. It features the 356’s fastback design and was the first production Porsche without front trailing arms or rear swing axles. The 911 continues to build on its predecessors, with its iconic silhouette, classic design, and sophisticated technology. Now in its eighth generation, we’re always excited to see a new line in the 911 family.

Toyota Land Cruiser (1951 – Present)

The Land Cruiser is the oldest automobile in Toyota’s lineup, and that’s saying something for such a large automaker. The original Land Cruiser was revealed in 1951 to provide a needed army utility vehicle. The model was known as the “Toyota Jeep BJ” before its name was changed to “Land Cruiser” in 1954, a name aimed at competing with the British Land Rover. The Land Cruiser’s production just ended in 2021, however, and it will be missed.

Ford Mustang (1964 – Present)

After the Mustang was unveiled at the World’s Fair in New York in 1964, it debuted simultaneously in Ford showrooms across America. Initially, some 22,000 Mustangs sold, making for an impressive start to a classic American car. Named after a World War II fighter plane, the Mustang saw more than 1 million units shipped in its first 18 months of production. Sales weren’t expected to exceed 100,000 models. From the get-go, the Mustang was a smash hit, and its older installments are now classic cars coveted by any collector.

The Mini Cooper (1959 – Present)

The Mini Cooper is an undeniably unique vehicle in terms of looks, design, and cultural impact. Originally built as a fuel-efficient city car, the two-door, four-cylinder Mini Cooper became the British Motor Corporation’s tiny car icon of the 1960s. Everyone from rock stars to actors to royalty and designers throughout London embraced its small size and quirky style. Modern versions of the Mini Cooper feature a quality design and interiors and performance engines.

Car Collectors Know That the Right Coverage Matters

Classic cars that have been maintained for so long should be equally well-protected insurance-wise. That’s why Classic Auto tailors insurance policies to fit your classic car or other special vehicles. We don’t offer one-size-fits-all policies here. After all, your collectible car is something special!

We’d love to hear more about what’s in your garage. And we want to make sure that your collectible cars are covered right. We’ll give you an instant quote on your vehicle, or feel free to give us a call at 888-901-1338 today.

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