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2017 Carmel Artomobilia – Lifelong Car Collectors Share Their Stories


10th Anniversary of the Carmel Artomobilia August 25-26

Artomobilia’s John Leonard visits these amazing collector car garages and talks with the owner enthusiasts about their love and dedication they have for their cars. It also gives just a taste of what you will see when the Carmel Artomobilia returns to the Carmel Arts & Design District in Indiana on Saturday, August 26, 2017. With over 400 classic vehicles on display, which ones are you eager to see? Let us know in the comments.


Collectors Never Forget Their First Automotive Loves

Classic car enthusiast John knows exactly when the car collecting bug bites. He is eight years old, sitting in the back of a 1914 Saxon stored in a rural Ohio barn. It is here his love of cars is born. After college, he tries to buy his first automotive love. Sadly, it is gone … yet years later, it comes up for auction. “I had the agent ask the seller if anything was missing. He said the car did not have an engine badge,” John laughs. “That is because I took it when I was eight!” Both the car and the metal engine badge are now in his possession. He wholeheartedly admits his passion for collecting is incurable.


Delivering His Destiny

As a teenager, John works at the local Rolls Royce dealership. He is sent to pick up a trade-in from soap magnet Andrew Jergens, founder of the Jergens Company. Little does John know he is delivering his destiny. The unaltered, 30-year-old Bentley sells to an Indianapolis architect, who keeps it for another 55 years. Upon his death, the family contacts John to ask if he would like that Bentley. We all know his answer!

Cars Just Find Him

Classic cars seem to find John. He’s like the Pied Piper of classic car collecting; he simply gets the call and off he goes to collect his next addition. How does he do it? “I am not a bashful person,” he says. “They generally know I am interested.” Though John says it is mostly luck, we all know there is a lot of hard work that goes into tracking down our dream car and the parts needed to bring it back to mint condition. For John, immersing himself in a car’s history is one compelling aspect of collecting. Whether it is the provenance behind the 1915 Whiting once owned by Henry Ford or the tale of the 1936 Packard with the LeBaron custom town car body, John knows the path each car has taken to get to his garage. He knows because he spends his life waiting for their paths to cross.


Art Lovers and Car Enthusiasts Celebrate

The Carmel Artomobilia, presented by ADESA, is a two-day celebration of automotive art and design and the unending passion we have for our classic and collector cars. The 10th anniversary weekend festivities kick off Friday, August 25 with Fuelicious: A Celebration of Wheels + Wishes, an exclusive event on the grounds of the Lucas Estate that features 50 distinctive collector cars. Fuelicious also supports the Indiana Children’s Wish Fund. On Saturday, August 26, the downtown streets of Carmel’s Arts and Design District come alive with music, food, shopping and 400 of the most spectacular collector cars around. It’s classic car love for everyone in the family!

Meet Classic Auto at the Carmel Artomobilia

Classic Auto Insurance is proud to support the 2017 Carmel Artomobilia and classic car collectors everywhere. Visit our booth at the event, and let us help you customize the perfect insurance policy for your one-of-a-kind car. Our expert staff will answer all your questions and help you find the right coverage for your needs. Visit our website at or call 888-901-1338 and see how we can help safeguard your dream car collection.
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