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1970 Plymouth Barracuda a Showstopper 2016 WOW Indianapolis [Video]

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1970 Plymouth Barracuda

Our classic cars often bring back fond memories, as is the case for one owner we spoke with at the 2016 World of Wheels in Indianapolis. The restoration of his 1970 Plymouth Barracuda is a labor of love for this Vietnam vet. Our video is sure to remind you of the reasons you are crazy about restoring and collecting, too. Share it with your fellow enthusiasts.

From Paint Job to Full Blown Restoration

Curt Wright, the owner of this MOPAR beauty just happens to be good friends with Ken Mosier from Finer Details Automotive Restoration in Danville, IN. Ten years ago, he brings the car to Ken for a simple paint job. Once they put their heads together though, it turns into a full-blown restoration (a common occurrence in the collector car world!). The results are an award-winning muscle car Curt is sure proud of.

This Vet Gets His Dream Car

After returning from the Vietnam War, Curt decides to get his life back on track. First up, ordering his dream car just the way he wants it – 383 motor, power steering and brakes, leather interior and a cool AM radio with an 8-Track player. The ‘Cuda is his pride and joy. As the years roll by, Curt spends less and less time on his car. “It was parked more than it was driven,” he laughs. He keeps it, always hoping one day to fix it up the way he wants.

Blue and Just Like New

When restoration starts, the Barracuda is in great shape. With only a slight showing of rust around the trim, body work is easy. Curt chooses a rare 1971 B7 Dark Blue Metallic paint to set it apart from other muscle cars. Now that it has a new paint job, Curt can’t stop there! Throw in a new engine, a shaker hood and custom A/C and Curt’s dream car is finally ready to show.
1970 plymouth barracuda world of wheels 2016

A Rolling Scrapbook of Memories

The Barracuda represents a lifetime of memories for Curt. “I drove it through a snow storm to attend a fellow vet’s funeral, spent endless hours washing and waxing it with my daughter and met the love of my life in this car. It’s a scrapbook of my life.”

Redesign Makes Room for Hemi Engines

The Plymouth Barracuda, built from 1964 to 1974, is originally based on the Plymouth Valiant A-body. In 1970, Chrysler redesigns their third generation giving it a shorter, sportier look and losing that economy car vibe. Sharing the same body style and platform as the E-Body Dodge Challenger, the ‘Cuda now had more room for what else? A bigger engine (can you say, Hemi?!). Unfortunately, the new re-design comes too late to really catch on thanks to new emissions regulations that cripple the muscle car craze.

“You Can’t Put a Price on Memories”

When asked how much his car is worth, Curt always gives the same answer. “You can’t put a price on memories”. He doesn’t think of his car in terms of an investment but as a family member. Curt’s lesson for all of us; follow your dreams and cherish the memories. Words to live by.

Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

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