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[Video] ’66 Mustang Shares Birthday with Owner

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YouTube video

Classic Auto catches up with Ron from Vail’s Classic Cars to discuss a gorgeous red 1966 Mustang that puts the “wow” in World of Wheels. If you have ever talked Mustangs with Drew Yagodnik before, you know he’s excited!

The Birthday Car

The owner of this sleek red pony buys it before finding out the car is built on his birthday. Drew says, “You don’t see that in this hobby very much, that’s for sure!” After hearing about the happy coincidence, Ron and his team start referring to the car as “the birthday car” whenever they are working on it. Of course, they do – it is wildly rare for a car birthday to match the birthday of the guy who owns it.

All-Original Ford

Part of the beauty of this powerful machine is due to the original Ford parts, even the sheet metal. During the restoration, only Ford materials are used. “You got the original doors, original fenders,” Ron says. “There isn’t anything on this car that’s foreign, that’s why the lines are so good.”

“You Got Two Groups of Restorers…”

While everything about this luxurious automobile looks classic and original, the owner does request modifications that are not available when the Mustang is first built. Ron says, “You got two different groups of people who do these cars – the ones that are one hundred percent original; they’re (cars are) almost like a Mona Lisa and you can’t drive them. Then you got the other group that goes, ‘You know what, I want that really cool car and I want to drive it. Now, I don’t want it to drive like a 1966. I want it to drive like a 2019.’” This Mustang is equipped with EFI fuel injection (an electronic system of fuel injection), rack-and-pinion steering and air conditioning – the owner is definitely in group number two.

One Popular Pony

The first Mustang rolls out of the factory on April 17, 1964. It cost just $2,368 (Okay, that’s in 1964 dollars). Ford forecasts sales of 100,000 cars that first year. On the first day alone, dealers take 22,000 Mustang orders, and the actual first-year sales are a whopping 417,000. By the end of the second year sales leap to over one million. “When the Mustang was unveiled, the reaction was so positive that there was no doubt it was going to be a success,” recalls Joe Oros, chief designer of the Mustang. Turns out, Joe is on to something. In 2018, the Ford Motor Company celebrated the production of a milestone, the 10 millionth Mustang.

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