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Cut Truck Metal Precisely Every Time

Tech Tip Video – During your truck restoration, use a metal scriber to mark a line before cutting metal. Learn from Project C10 team's advice for precise scribing and cutting. Protect your classic with a customized specialty policy from Classic Auto Insurance. Call 888-901-1338 or get a free quote online.

Episode 6 – Truck Bed Hammer and Dolly

Episode 6 – Classic Auto’s Drew Yagodnik, Rick Drewry and Project C10 crew members are prepping the bed of our ‘65 Chevy C10 truck. While Rick uses a hammer and dolly to beat the sides straight, going on feel and applying a guide coat, Drew and the rest sand everything smooth and ready for primer.

Episode 5 – Body Work Starts on Cab and Truck Bed

Episode 5 – The crew starts body work on the cab and truck bed – drilling, air hammering, dismantling, tack welding and repairing inner and outer rockers, floor pans, fenders and a front bed panel that has seen better days. Time to make the call to scrap it? Find out what’s at stake in the end.

Episode 4 – Axles, Ball Joints, Bearings and Gears

Episode 4 – The Project C10 crew takes apart the tired, old rear suspension and puts it back together again. They pull axles, press out ball joints, pop off dip covers and sand blast everything before installing new bearings and re-assembling the gear in preparation for a disc break conversion.

Truck Restoration Tip-Remove Rubber Seals

Video – During your restoration eliminate all original window seals to avoid leaks. Check out the Project C10 team's helpful tip for removing old rubber seals. Before getting on the road, protect your classic by reviewing your insurance coverage. Call Classic Auto Insurance for a free quote today.

Episode 3 – C10’s Rusty Little Secrets Revealed

Episode 3 – Rick Drewry, Drew Yagodnik and Project C10 crew member Paul Naber are prepping the body of our ‘65 Chevy C10 truck. Blasting begins on the disassembled parts, and we tackle some pesky rust issues. You never know what you will find until you blast. It looks like we need two new doors.

Episode 2 – Let’s Tear This C10 Down

Episode 2 – Rick Drewry, Drew Yagodnik and Project C10 crew members Justin Wynn and Rob Baker strip everything off our ‘65 Chevy C10 truck, then tag and bag the parts for blasting. Not everything wants to cooperate – removing the makeshift truck bed requires generous amounts of elbow grease to get ’er done.

Good Restoration Practices Make for a Successful Build

Video-How do you learn the basics of restoring a classic vehicle? Good garage practices are essential for a successful restoration. Mentoring passes on hard-won knowledge. Learn practical tips for labeling parts during a build from our expert team working on Classic Auto’s Project C10 restoration.

Episode 1 – 1965 Chevy C10 Restoration Plan

Episode 1 – Walk around our Chevy C10 with Rick Drewry as he shows you our plan for its restoration, a complete upgrade with bodywork, a new fuel system & engine work. We’re building a better driving, more reliable, cool looking restomod with improved gas mileage and no loss of horsepower.