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Episode 19 – Finishing Touches on the Cab Interior

Here’s What’s Next on Project C10 Episode 19 – The Project C10 crew makes great progress on the cab interior, putting the finishing touches on the dash, installing the bench seat and adding seat belts as a new safety modification. This truck has new power windows, too – courtesy of a few stealth modifications to the universal kit. Now, the …

c10 restoration engine

Episode 18 – Starting the Engine … or Not

 Here’s What’s Next on Project C10 Episode 18 – When it’s time to start the engine for the first time, most of us think it’s all going to go like clockwork, right? Not so much. Rick Drewry and the Project C10 crew take us through how it usually goes during a first-time engine start-up – spitting, sputtering, backfires and all. …

install panel on c10 truck

Episode 17– One Sweet Gauge Box with Classic Instruments

 Here’s What’s Next on Project C10 Episode 17 – With day job delays behind them, the Project C10 crew makes steady progress. Rick Drewry installs one sweet gauge box in the dashboard with classic instruments that coordinate beautifully with the red and gray cab interior. A digital speedometer is a modern touch. Up next, installing the doors Episode 17 …

windshield install restoration

Using the Rope Technique for Installing Windshields

In Episode 16 of Project C10, work gets done on the cab. It takes Rick Drewry and the crew about five hours to install the windshield properly -with three tries to set the glass into place for a perfect fit. Many first-time restorers are surprised that installing a windshield can be one of the most frustrating parts of a restoration. In …

Episode 16 – Installing the Windshield

Episode 16 – The Project C10 crew installs the cab windshield using the rope technique – a milestone for the ’65 Chevy C10 restoration. Meanwhile, a unique insulation and cover kit for the underside of the hood provides superior noise reduction and creates a finished look for the engine compartment.

c10 bodywork

Bodywork That Stands Out in a Crowd

Project C10 Tech Tip Video – Bodywork details are part of what makes your vehicle stand out in a crowd. It’s worth taking the time to get everything perfect, right down to the smallest detail. If you don’t, it will cause headaches down the line and you may never feel totally satisfied with the result.

prevent classic car corrosion

Prevent Corrosion Properly with Primer Protection

Project C10 Tech Tip Video – Corrosion is a constant concern for classic and restored vehicles and everyday drivers. Find out how to prevent corrosion from grease, dirt, chemicals and wear before it starts with an inexpensive yet effective method that may be time-consuming, but worth it in the end.

Episode 15 – New Vintage Air System

Episode 15 – The Project C10 crew replace the old heat-only air system with a new vintage air system kit complete with duct work and vents that provides both heat and air conditioning. They paint it to match the dashboard. What more to do before the big reveal? Head- and taillights, power windows and hood.

car restoration checklist

Creating a Restoration Project Checklist

Project C10 Tech Tip Video – Heads up, classic collector-restorers. What’s the advantage of making a master checklist for your next restoration project? It not only makes everything run smoothly, it ensures you and your restoration team have everything organized and ready each time you enter the garage.