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What Does Your Classic Car Color Say About You?

1952 Chevrolet Deluxe Bel Air

The first cars produced were often either unpainted or shades of dark grey or black. Henry Ford was quoted as saying, “A customer may have a car in any color he desires, so long as it’s black,” describing the black being the color option on the Model T from 1914 to 1926 since that color dried the fastest and cost the least. Today, cars are offered in any shade of the rainbow, but the most popular color in North America is white, while silver is the most popular choice worldwide.

Whether it’s a racy red, classic black, deep blue, avocado green, or banana yellow, collector car enthusiasts often are drawn to vintage vehicles of a particular color.  There are many different theories on car colors, including those who drive red cars get more speeding tickets, but here are a few other ideas of what different colors can represent regarding the owner’s personality.

  • Red – High energy & sensual
  • Pink – Sympathetic & feminine
  • Black – Mysterious & classic
  • Blue – Credible & confident
  • Aqua – Calm & hopeful
  • Green – Trusty & balanced
  • Yellow – Whimsical & joyful
  • White – Hard-to-please & direct
  • Brown – Down-to-earth & practical
  • Purple – Creative & original
  • Orange – Trendy & talkative
  • Tan – Timeless & simple
  • Gold – Intelligent & glamorous
  • Silver – Cool & elegant

Does your vintage car’s color reflect your personality? Whether you have a cherry red Ford T-Bird or a yellow Chevy Camaro, remember to protect your collector car with Classic Auto Insurance. We provide agreed upon value policies that make sure your vehicles, as well as any modifications, are covered in their entirety. We also offer discounts for large collections and car club memberships. Get your collector car insurance quote online instantly!

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